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Top Travel Destinations in North Karnataka


Travelling is something which is loved by everyone. It is a hobby for many. Many travel bloggers are there who keep updating the public about the new and unexplored places in various countries. Even I also love travelling. It gives peace and relaxation. A break from the chaotic life is must which can be fulfilled by exploring new places. Many of us don’t even know the beautiful places which is in India. Tourists come and visit the beautiful area of nature but we are unaware of it. Today we are here to take you to beautiful travel destinations in North Karnataka:

  1. The World Famous Hampi

Hampi situated in Bellary district was once the capital of Vijayanagara Kingdom. According to foreign visitors, the place was much bigger than Rome. It is also the place identified as Kishkindha from the times of Ramayana.

  1. Pattadakal

The place is known as the second capital of Chalukya Empire located on the Malaprabha river. Some of the oldest temples in the region are Mallikarjuna, Sangameshwara and Virupaksha temples.

  1. Durga Temple, Aihole.

This place has a mythological significance. It is also called the ‘cradle of Hindu Rock Architecture’. The temple is currently maintained by Archaeological Survey of India.