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Who Is A Budget Traveler - MP Explains

How much money you spend has nothing to do with whether you're a budget or backpacker traveller. Instead, it is entirely dependent on how you choose to spend it. You don't need to be well-off or have a trust fund to be able to travel, and you don't need to live on a tight budget to identify as a budget traveller.

Better to take a shorter trip and participate in all the things you want to do if you just have a certain amount of money to spend. It has to do with not squandering money on unnecessary items. not going out and getting drunk every night, eating, or purchasing a tonne of gaudy souvenirs. No matter how much money you have, you need to know when and where to spend it.

If you're ready to make the necessary compromises, there are always methods to travel for less money. 

Before your vacation, decide what you want to spend money on, and then use it as the foundation for your budget. You avoid overspending when travelling since you made the most of your preparations. You won't leave early because prices caught you off guard.

Knowing your expenses can help you organise your budget more effectively and use your money wisely without appearing cheap. Because it's rarer than you would imagine to receive a second opportunity. Instead of avoiding the wonderful things you've always wanted to do because they are expensive, spend your money on them.

Travel isn't a bottom-of-the-pack competition. Because you travelled to France and made the decision to not spend any money, you are not a better traveller. In the end, I believe the debate we conduct within the budget travel community has to change from focusing "cheapness" to prioritising "frugality." A traveller who spends his money well, regardless of how much he spends, is a budget traveller.