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Discover the Amazing 7 of Egypt's Best Beaches


In Egypt, you can find beautiful coastal locations that are idyllic and abundant in natural beauty. If you check out its Dahab beach, you can enjoy exploring coral reefs while scuba diving or kite surfing. On Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach, there are massive entertainment complexes and lots of hotels to relax and enjoy.

What are the best beaches to explore?

Arrive here via Egypt Air to explore this country's many scenic beach spots that are so picturesque. A place like Sharm El Sheikh offers lots of spots meant exclusively for diving and snorkeling. If you are seeking places to enjoy a tranquil life and experience various winter sports opportunities, then check out the lovely beaches of this country. Here is a look at the seven most beautiful beaches here:

  • How about making a trip to the lovely Abu Galum beach, known for its pristine beauty? The beach is in Dahab Town and is set against the dramatic backdrop of mountains, which are popular with hikers and trekkers. Take a camel safari to enjoy its beauty even further. It is known for its beautiful coral reef, and you can do snorkeling, diving, and surfing in its waters.
  • How about visiting an exotic beach like Ras Shitan? Opt to stay in any of its lovely bamboo huts, where you can relax. Laze around on the sandy beach, gazing at the water's soaking in the sun; else, take a village tour to experience local life. It’s quite a rejuvenating space because of its immense natural beauty, highlighted by blue waters on one side and the desert landscape on the other.


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  • On El Gouna Beach, you can find lots of opportunities for water sports like fishing, kite surfing, diving, and snorkeling. Take a stroll on the sand, enjoying the sound of the waves and taking in the cool sea breeze. Check out any of its restaurants to enjoy local seafood and other dishes. The pubs in this place offer a variety of drinks that can be enjoyed while sitting on the white sandy beach

  • If you want to visit a beach with exciting nightlife opportunities, then check out Hurghada. The beach fronts are quite fantastic and there are so many nightclubs, and restaurants to spend evenings enjoying local food. There are plenty of water sports to involve yourself in, and you can also make a trip to its famous Giftun island to explore beach beauty even further.
  • Exploring the beauty of an island’s beach can be quite fascinating, as is experienced when you visit the Mahmya Beach of Mahmya Island. There is a fantastic underwater world in this place that can be explored when you do scuba diving and snorkeling. Enjoy relaxing on the sandy beach and eating delicious local food; else, take a cruise around the island and explore its natural beauty.

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  • The sunny beaches of Marassi beckon you to enjoy its beauty even further. Make a trip to this lovely town. The beach is beautiful, filled with white sand, and quite enjoyable for its serene environment. This town is also known for its stunning architecture, so you can have quite a lot of excitement exploring it. Take to the waters of the beach for diving or snorkeling; else, visit any of its restaurants for some sumptuous food.
  • Ain Sokhna is a beach that is just two hours from Cairo city. Enjoy strolling across the beach, watching the waves, and enjoying the lovely sea breeze. This place is known for its many resorts and restaurants, so step into any of them to enjoy delicious cuisine according to your preferences. Take up horseback, or else get on top of a camel for a nice safari. Such trips can be quite fun and unforgettable.

The stunning beauty of Egypt’s beaches can be seen in its golden sand beaches that are overlapped by turquoise blue waters. If you were to visit the lovely Nuweiba beach, you could spend time in alfresco cafes and book into a lovely resort that has the latest guest comforts. Book on Egypt Air and arrive in Cairo directly from your country. Those who love diving will find Abu Dabbab Beach a paradise, as it abounds in places for them to explore. The best chances for kite surfing can be found at Moon Beach in Ras Sudr.