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Explore The Different Cultures Around The World 

We are all living in the age of Globalisation. Those days have gone by when people used to stay centric about one's own culture. Nowadays, everyone carries the urge to learn about different cultures. Not just that, but to follow in the unique cultural ways also opens the door to exploration. So if you are a lover of reading and acquainting yourself with more knowledge regarding the vast, widespread range of cultures all around the globe, then this is just the place to be. Fasten your seatbelts then, as we all are geared up to take you on a long ride based on prospects of numerous cultures.
Top 10 Cultures in the World:
1.Asian Culture
 Nobody can ever deny that Asian culture is definitely one of the vastest cultures of the whole world. Innumerable languages, traditions, rituals, languages, and art are all carried by the enormous entity called Asian culture. You can find a variety of every cultural element here because the Asia continent has been further divided into six major parts. Apart from all that, religions of Asian culture include Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Judaism, Shintoism, Islam,  Sikhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Zoroastrianism.
 Mains Languages
Chinese, Hindi, English, Russian, Indonesian, Bengali, and Japanese
Central Asian Art, Indian Art, Nomadic Folk Art, Ancient Chineses Art, Cambodian Art, Balinese Art, Thai Art, Arab Art, and Islamic Art
2.Malaysian Culture
 Socio-economic prosperity comprises the values of the respective culture. More than that, the people in Malaysia hold an immortal belief in their spiritual practices. Besides, Malaysian Culture is incredibly rich in arts like sculpturing, painting, filmography, and much more.
 Malaysian culture is also very widespread in terms of its architecture. However, the best part is that each form of its architecture is associated with its historical aspect.  Its food has more varieties than one can ever imagine. In other words, Malaysian culture provides some of the most phenomenal cuisines of the earth. After all, we can say that Malaysian culture upholds a vivid legacy that implicates its distinguished recognition.
 Main Languages 
Principal languages
Bahasa Melayu, English, Iban, and Tamil
Woodcarving, silversmithing, and weaving
3.American Culture
 The other most famous culture in the world is American Culture. Due to the fast pace environment, the framework vibing with it is such that American culture imposes on its thinking to be significant rather than practical. American culture includes a number of religions, significant races, and ethnicities that involve competitive prospects and powerful political ideologies.
 Overall, American culture is an irreplaceable culture that teaches the moral of independence and affection to all of the other cultures.
 Main Languages
English, Spanish, French, and German
Cinema, comedy, storytelling, painting, architecture and sculpture
4.African Culture 
 African culture has set itself as an independent identity therefore basing it on its diverse traditions, lifestyle, and languages. The crux of culture is that most of the tribes all tend to be in Africa. There is, therefore, the fact that culture classifies in the same direction towards morals, aesthetics, and values. Thus, African culture, residing on the rays of music, folk art, plus sculpture, is more artistic and less political. Examples of the prosperous sides of empowerment of the vibrance of African culture are seen in the courtship dance of the Wodaabe, the bull-jumping of the Hamar, and the lip plates of the Mursi.
 Abrahamic, Islam, and Christianity are the prominent religions that streamline the diversified perspective of the culture. Here you can find a remarkable variety of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food. Also, the exploration of African culture seems like heaven for all those who love to explore the uniqueness of the Nigerian lifestyle.
 Main Languages
Berber, Yoruba, Arabic, Igbo, Swahili, Hausa and Amharic
Pottery, rock art, textile art, and dance
5.Arabian Culture
 Starting from the Arabian Sea up to the Mediterranean Sea, it is Arabian culture all over. Viewing the dominance of the Islamic religion, Arab culture is one of the most different cultures that you can ever come across. Basically, social loyalty is the foundation of this culture. The second highly notable feature of Arab culture is its far spread belief in God's will concerning whatever happens in life.
 In Contrast to any other culture, Arabian culture tracks down a glorious background of literary works. Mullaqat is an Arabian poem series that comprises seven and it is regarded as the sacred form of art. Not just that but the classical Arabic music and dance are also popular on a worldwide basis. You may have heard about Riq; this is the instrument that acts as the backbone of Arabian music legacy. In other words, Arabian culture is propagating the traditions of self sufficiency and mutual love among all the communities.
 Major Languages
Egyptian Arabic, Iraqi Arabic, North Africa Arabic and Gulf Arabic
Ancient Arabic architecture, literature, classical Arabic dance
6.United Kingdom Culture
 In fact, the real crux of UK culture is to bring something new to the table every time. Innovation and practical lifestyle weave the ultimate values of the United Kingdom. You might be surprised to know that Orchestra, as a performing art, was invented by UK culture only.
 Like the USA, platters full of fish, chicken, snacks, bangers, mash, and most obligatory a cup of coffee are favorite among the people of UK. There is no denying the fact that UK culture is defeating the edge of innovation and technology that is spinning the whole world into a more comfortable place to live.
 Main Languages
English, Scottish, Welsh Gaelic, and Irish
Theatre, architectural landmarks and visual arts
7.Indian Culture
 We would like to mention Indian culture next in our list of top 10 cultures around the world. The glorious history of Indian culture speaks volumes of its vividness. Besides, Indian culture is of the second most populated culture that wraps endless varieties of lifestyles. But what makes its stand firm in front of other cultures is the co-existence of various religions.
 More than this, Indian architecture personifies the unbelievable touch of royalness. That's why maximum famous monuments like the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar are from India only. The stern faith of Indians in the cycle of karma makes it an effective culture that offers endless good lessons to learn from.
 Major Languages
Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kanada, Malayali, Tamil, Telugu, Assami and Odissi 
Indian music and dance, folk arts, handicrafts, paintings and pottery
8.Swizz Culture
 Well, you will be glad to know it's a gift of Swizz culture only. Right from languages to lifestyle to values, Swizz Culture never stops surprising everyone. A pro at building new bonds, the residents of Switzerland are well familiar with the craft of winning hearts. But more than that, it is the holistic environment and the feeling of growing together that's the benchmark of the culture.
 Provided you are that enthusiastic guy who wants to taste every potential new dish, then this is the place to try. It is totally worth offering some of the best dishes that Switzerland's food culture has to offer. Precisely, the diversified shades of Swizz culture are the epitome of cultural supremacy.
 Main Languages
French, German, Romansh, and Italian
Performing arts- hip-hop, music, pottery and print arts
9.South Korean Culture
 In South Korean culture, you would find a perfect blend of Japanese and Chinese cultures. The culture is influenced by Confucianism. At the same time, some of the best TV shows, movies, and music come straight from Korea. You can also easily witness the colorful preferences in terms of clothing and eating patterns of South Korea.
 Backed by Chinese and Japanese domination, South Korea is the proper blend of innovation and technological advancement. No wonder, Korea is filled with the amazement of Robots. Moreover, Koreans are giving good looks the greatest preference. Consequently, Korean culture is one of the most stylish cultures that you can ever come across. After all, South Korean culture spreads the word for mutual understanding and trust amongst all.
 Main Languages
Korean, English, Japanese, Russian
Calligraphy, music, pottery
10.Chinese culture
 The last culture on our list is, in fact, the oldest culture in the world. Now, China is really famous for inventing some of the weirdest traditions; a uniform code of conduct comes first in the list. Besides, respect towards elders is a big must factor. One unexpected fact about Chinese culture is that red color signifies happiness in the country.
 We all must be thankful to China for at least bringing Chow Mein and Manchurian to other plates. China is also very finicky about its working culture. In other words, the Chinese culture portrays the exceptional framework of various cultures existing on earth.
 Major Languages
Fuzhou, Hokkien-Taiwanese, Xiang, and Gan
 Embroidery and opera
 We are pretty sure that you are completely surprised after getting to know a lot about various cultures around the world. Without any doubt, all cultures are full of unlimited elements that amalgamate the aspects of unity in diversity. Before winding up this post, we will just say that keep witnessing the numerous colours of all cultures because you have only one life to do so.