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Top 10 Eco Resorts In India In 2021

India is home to some of the best Eco-resorts in the world. We have listed some of our Favorite eco-resorts and lounges that are a fitting tribute to India's biodiversity and natural heritage. 


Eco resorts in India:

The natural heritage in India has been overshadowed by its grand architecture and multiple shades of its architecture and variant culture. Globally, there are many locations in India renowned for their geo-tourism like Costa Rica. But, hardly anyone recognizes the potential of India as a hub of eco-tourism. India has a variety of eco-resorts and lounges for perfect relishing tourism. India is home to 7% of the world's total biodiversity.  It is the ideal place to relax from the daily hotch-potch and stresses of life. India houses simple eco-lodges to expensive luxury resorts. 


In this article, we have compiled our preferable eco-lodges from the country that actively work on reducing the undesired impact on the environment and benefit the local communities.


(1). Khem Villas (Ranthambore), Rajasthan-  This villa is situated in the desert state of Rajasthan. It is one of the highly visited states for tourism purposes for its colorful culture. The Khem Villas are luxury resorts like the jungle Camp at Ranthambore. Ranthambore is known as the best tiger reserve in the country. But, the visit to this place won't just be only about the tiger. You will get to know about Ranthambore at large and the survival challenges faced by the local striped cats. It is involved with 2 NGOs named Ranthambhore Foundation and Tiger Watch. The NGO works at providing health care, education, afforestation, dairy development, employment generation, and a lot more. Their main focus lies in sustainable livelihoods and Tiger monitoring. 


Although, the tiger population is less here in comparison to M.P. The desert backdrop and temple ruins couple the pleasure of watching tigers. 


(2). Pench Tree Lodge (Pench national park), Madhya Pradesh- Madhya Pradesh is a state in the center of the country. It houses India's regal big cats on a tiger safari. You will find some of the best national parks and Tiger reserves in the country with adventurous beach safaris. 


How about spending the sunset in a Jungle treehouse after an afternoon safari? This is the perfect description of the Pench Tree lodge that is comfortable and active over environmental concerns. They have 6 cottages and 6 tree houses for a wonderful staying experience with peace. The treehouses around existing trees make sure that nature is not harmed and visitors can be overcrowded. 


The construction with local raw materials and the location around an undeveloped area gives tourism benefits to the locals. They give reusable water bottles, hygienic water drinking stations, organic refillable toiletries and a meal menu with seasonal ingredients makes it a perfect eco-resort to stay in. There are safari tours in small jeeps with naturalists accompanying to learn about surroundings with utmost care for the safety of visitors and animals. They possess a great level of commitment towards environmental protection.


(3). Yab Yum resort, Goa- You might have Goa as an ideal destination for partying but it has also gained a name for its natural heritage. The sun-soaking land with blue water beaches, dense jungles, and green diversity coupled with sustainable travel will not let you ask for more. 


The Yab Yum resort beside the simple Ashwem beach located within the hills has achieved a good degree of environmental achievements. There are mud and straw rooms like Ice igloos in the north with all the requirements for a decent stay. The red walls and floor with white calligraphy give an old vibe and it is thatched with local palms that gives considerable cooling negating the need for an AC. Scientifically this way of natural sleep can be refreshing and healthy for your body. 


The blue Ashwem beach is calm unlike the crowded beaches in the state and the yoga classes with great natural surroundings to stroll in are a perfect break from a busy life.


(4). Bandipur Jungle Lodges (Bandipur)-  Unlike its neighboring states of Goa and Kerala, Karnataka is an underrated location for tourism. But, no one can deny its biodiversity and less explored natural assets and national parks for a wildlife enthusiast.


This resort began in 1980 with a Public-private partnership between the Karnataka government and Tiger pops. It was the first eco-tourism venture in the country and they have many branches across the state. There are lush green jungles with ethical safari tours. There are compiled packages for including staying, meal, and safari packages. Interestingly, every cottage is given the name of an animal found in that forest with its amazing Paintings. There are clean and spacious rooms for utmost comfort. But, there is no AC or TV to hamper your natural stay. You will get 3 delicious meals with some evening snacks in this serene natural background. There are monkeys around, quality meals with countless food options and you will get to see an amazing documentary on the life of a tigress of the Bandipur jungle. 


(5). Abode Bombay (Mumbai), Maharashtra- Maharashtra often goes overlooked when it comes to biodiversity and eco-lodging experience. The Abode Bombay is perfect for an urban jungle lover. This boutique hotel makes a minimal impact on the environment.  You will find some amazing sustainable initiatives adopted by Abode Bombay like recycling soaps and Kalwa-based Sundara Fund.


For tourism purposes,  they hire only local travel guides and partners with all-women taxi drivers. Also, they recruit the national association of the blinds as therapi in its spa. An abode is a refreshing place in the busy lanes of Mumbai. 


(6). Spice Village (Thekkady), Kerala- We cannot end this list without mentioning Kerala or 'God's own country'. This surprising beauty of nature with dense green forest and backwaters is a favorite to travelers. No doubt, some of these places are a big tourist attraction in the state that makes it overcrowded. But, on the other side there are relaxing and less explored eco-lodges for the ideal therapy by nature. The spice village is located between the western ghats and it is prominent for its efforts towards sustainability.  Also, it is one of the best luxury resorts in the country. 


This lodge is located between Thekkady and visiting Periyar National Park offering the utmost luxury. Just like its name, the spice village lodge is based on the concept of a traditional spice village in Kerala and there are private bungalows to stay. On the ground, there is lush tropical vegetation with fascinating wildlife. For electricity,  they use a big solar power plant that is the source of the energy in the resort denoting self-sufficiency.  The Spice village resort makes its food, offers ayurvedic cleaning products including soap and paper. 


(7). Dune Eco Village & Spa (Pondicherry)- Pondicherry that earlier used to be a French enclave is located away from the hustle-bustle of the southern coast of the country with some great and hidden eco-lodges to take you close to nature. The simplicity and peace at this eco-lodge are unmatchable. There are 50 distinct bungalows with unique and Intricate designs by artists, designers, and architects. It's built on a 35 acre of land near the beachfront that is luxurious and promotes natural living. Some are the restoration of the colonial houses with fully equipped solar water systems and intruding outdoor shower service. 


The resort has 2 restaurants serving healthy gourmet fashion food with organically grown veggies to complete a natural stay. There is a spa offering Ayurvedic treatments, Yoga, meditation, etc, and giving a thorough break from the daily hotch pitch of life. There is a healing center offering Ayurvedic treatment, yoga, modern massages, hot water therapies, etc. 

(8). Diphlu River Lodge (Kaziranga, Assam)- The northeast part of India is raw and unexplored in terms of its biodiversity factor. It's culturally diverse with thick and dense jungles, a soothing climate, and countless tribes. There are monsoon wetlands, tree-root bridges, blue water bodies, organic farming, etc. Moreover, it houses some unique wildlife creatures like rhinos. Do you know that UK royals like Prince Willian and Duchess Kate Middleton have stayed at the Diphlu River Lodge? This in itself is enough to describe its royal luxury.  This calm and natural place is located near the prominent Kaziranga National Park of Assam. 


This resort has a comfortable and intimate natural surrounding. There are 12 cottages made with natural materials like wood, bamboo, and thatch Palm leaves. They also conduct organic farming and composting or greywater recycling for reducing waste. Every guest is accompanied by a team of naturalists while visiting Kaziranga.  There are jeep safaris, river dolphins, river trips, river cruises, and tea garden visits. 


(9). The Wanderer’s Nest (Chitkul, Kinnaur)- Have you ever traveled to North India? North India particularly states of J & K, Himachal, and Uttarakhand full of natural wonders. There are small and natural gifts of Chitkul in the Kinnaur region located between the beautiful backdrop of the Himachal ranges. Your experience of living at this place will be like living in the last village on the Indo-Tibetan border within fascinating mountains.  An important point to note here is that this place will not serve up any kind of modern amenities but its simplicity shall take your heart. There are scenic rivers with big oak/Pine trees. 


An important goal or service of this lodge is to give professionals from creative fields like musicians, artists, writers, etc a chance to reconnect, relax and restore their creativity by connecting with nature. There are activities like trekking, fishing, hiking along the river valley, and engaging with locals near the cherry blossom.


This lodge offers an Oriental stay with nature restoring human creativity in the solitude of the high hills. The resort adopts eco-friendly means and preserves nature offering a comfortable stay in the Himalayas with sustainability. There are annual gatherings of creative professionals organized at the resort. 


(10). Nubra Eco Lodge (Nubra Valley), Ladakh- Also known as the 'roof of the world', Ladakh is a unique mountain desert near the Himalayas.  This place is the ideal destination for trekking, camping, and exploring the local terrain. This resort is located at an altitude of 2,700m that is a hidden gem in Nubra’s sandy valley. It gives the perfect view of the Karakoram mountain range and desert valley. Some orchards grow apricots and organic vegetables growing at the lodge. It has an organic garden, sustainable tented accommodation with solar power for hot water in the cool place. There is access to filtered drinking water and you can use refillable bottles and ditch the plastic ones. But, a better option is to drink fresh Himalayan water and refrain from adding on to the plastic bottle problem in Ladakh. 


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