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Top 5 Places To Spot Cherry Blossoms In India


The city has transformed into a lively, picturesque backdrop as the year's blossom days have begun. This is the season for cherry blossoms in India, so take in the beauty of South Korea and Japan.  The area has a surreal quality thanks to the brilliant pink and white flowers that cover the terrain. People have recently visited to these locations for picture shoots or casual strolls after becoming fascinated with such unspoiled natural beauty. 
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  1. Sikkim

As we travel to places where nature lives, the beauty of cherry blossoms among all of it seems even more magnificent. Sikkim is one of the locations with cherry blossom trees. Only two locations in the state are home to these flowers. The first is that throughout November and December, the Kanchenjunga National Park region sees the pink blooming season, commonly known as Sakura in Japan. However, it is said that a different species of cherry blossom blooms here in March and April. It has long been a go-to spot for photographers and nature lovers to capture this ethereal season and enjoy the beauty of the pink blooms.

  1. Shillong

The tree rose to fame as the site of the Indian cherry blossom festival, and it has now established roots in other regions of the country. The flower reaches its peak bloom in November and December, and the region also has a festival in its celebration. This beauty can be found in the slopes of the Khasi and Garo tribes. Visitors come from all over the world to this location to take in the view, which resembles a picture. The neighborhood Cherry Blossom Festival features musical performances and kid-friendly diversions. You can utilize it to share memories of the Japanese tree on your social media accounts because it's a well-known place for social media users. 

  1. Nagaland

Further to the northeast, in the state of Nagaland, one can also see these exquisite pink-flowered trees. Himalayan Cherry Blossoms are the name given to cherry blossoms in India because they are mostly grown there. Cherry blossoms bloom in this region in the months after the rainy seasons of October and November. The color of the tree tends to make the surrounding vegetation more visually appealing. The blossoms' inherent beauty is enhanced by the fact that they may be used to create tea. The cherry blossoms in this region offer medicinal qualities that treat physical ills and serve as antioxidants. The freshness of the drink and flowers also offers a surreal view of the surroundings. Take pictures or have a beverage inside.

  1. Himachal Pradesh

The tree can also be found in Himachal Pradesh, which is in the country's northwest. Because the area is a section of the Himalayas, the plant's development makes it suitable for the site. The pink petals set against the clear blue skies and luxuriant foliage will appeal to all nature enthusiasts. Cherry blossoms bloom in magnificent splendor in Himachal Pradesh's remote Kothkhai, Kumarsain, Bhutti, Mashobra, and Narkanda districts. The experience of visiting these spots in Himachal Pradesh would be similar given how well-known this blossom is in Japan.

  1. Bangalore

Away from the Himalayan region, Bangalore, the country's innovation hub, also has trees that resemble cherry blossom trees. Even while it might not be as significant as the contributions from the other regions, it nevertheless counts because it is known to improve the street's aesthetic appeal. These cherry blossom trees bloom in January and go by the name Tabebuia Rosea, also called Pink Trumpets. To appreciate and document Bangalore's natural beauty, it is worthwhile to visit these streets. These pink flowers, which enhanced the city's blooming splendor, were first planted by the British. The town is a part of India's Cherry Blossoms because of these similarities.