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Top Sun Temples in India To Visit in 2023

Konark Sun temple
Konark Sun temple
The Konark Sun Temple of Odisha is a world heritage site and one of India's Seven Wonders. It is the biggest and most famous sun temple in India. The first rays of sunrise strike the temple's main entrance, which is built in the form of an enormous chariot with stone wheels. This 700-year-old temple is the encircling achievement of Orissian religious architect. The word 'Konark' literally means "sun." It is 64 kilometres from Bhuvneshwar and 20 miles from Puri.


Sun Temple, Gaya
The Magdha region is frequently referred to in ancient epics for Sun worship. Gaya's Dakshinaarka Sun Temple is one of India's oldest Sun Temples. The Dakshinaarka temple in Gaya, Bihar, is one of India's most important Sun temples. Hundreds of pilgrims make offerings to their ancestors at Dakshina Maanas tank, one of several locations on this temple complex. What could spark your interest is the way the Sun god is dressed in the central image, with a belt and boots in a West Asian style.


Modhera Sun Temple
Modhera Sun Temple
Modhera Sun Temple, built in 1026, stands on the banks of the Pushpavati river in Gujarat's Mehsana district. The design of the temple is such that, as with the Konark Sun Temple, the rays of the Sun would fall on the image of Surya during the equinoxes. Sadly, the magnificent Shikaras no longer exist, but the Torana, stepwell, Pillars, Garbhagriha, and a tank in front do. The carvings on the exterior are simply incredible, and they serve as the stage for the Modhera dance festival. As with the Sun god at Gaya's Dakshinaarka temple, the image here depicts the Sun god wearing a belt and boots.
Surya Pahar Temple, Assam
This ancient temple complex in Assam's Goalpara district contains several sculptures of Vishnu with twelve arms, rock-cut Shivalingas, and remains of Ganesha and Hari Hara. A set of 12 images of the Sun God in a circle with the father on a circular table. In the centre, Kashyapa is entrenched. Despite its artistic excellence, this Sun temple is, sadly, one of the country's lesser-known Sun temples.


Suryanar Temple, Kumbakonam
Suryanar Temple, also known as Suryanar Kovil Temple, is a historic temple complex located in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. The deities Angarakan, Chandran, Saniswaran, Brihaspati, Budhan, Sukran, Rahu, and Ketu are also housed here. This Dravidian temple is a minimum of eight centuries old and stands out among the region's dozens of temples.


Surya Narayana Temple, Arasavalli
Shri Surya Narayana Swami Temple sits in Arasavalli, Andhra Pradesh's Srikakulam district. This amazing temple is said to have been built by a Kalinga King and has survived for over 13 centuries.
The Bhramanya Dev Temple in Unao, Madhya Pradesh
The Brahmana Dev (Baramju) Sun Temple is situated in Unao, Madhya Pradesh, near Jhansi. In this temple, the stone idol of the Sun God stands on a brick platform adorned with black plates. The shrine is engraved with twenty-one triangles representing the sun's 21 phases. This idol is protected by a brass cover. The Peshwas were regular visitors to this temple. Aside from the Sun Temple, another popular tourist destination in the area is the Balaji temple of Unao.


Martand Sun temple, Jammu
This temple's ruins are only just under five miles from Jammu's Anantnag city. The word 'Martand' is another name for Surya, the Sun God. Sutan Sikander Butshikan ruined the temple. Despite being in ruins, it has been designated a national monument and is under government protection.


Sun Temple, Gwalior
Gwalior Sun Temple is a popular pilgrimage site with a design similar to Konark Sun Temple.


Sun Temple, Ranchi 
This attractive Sun Temple University located 39 kilometres from Ranchi on the Tata-Ranchi road, is one of Jharkhand's best tourist destinations.