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Top Travels Tips During Monsoons In Mumbai

Top Travels Tips During Monsoons In Mumbai

Mumbai has a tropical climate, and from early June to early October, monsoon season occurs. The city typically receives about 2,200 mm of precipitation each year. Rainfall in Mumbai causes floods and waterlogging every year, which causes traffic congestion and property damage. Mumbai is vulnerable to cyclonic storms and depressions because of its position, which bring torrential rain and powerful winds. Also, Mumbai and the monsoons work perfectly together. The city appears to be much more lovely. Kids in the city might be seen switching from their favourite sport of cricket to football or playing outside in the rain. At Marine Drive or Juhu Beach, you frequently see adults embracing and enjoying the rain. 

One of the most important aspects of Mumbai is the sea, which surrounds the city's seven tiny islands. In a city where everything is always evolving, it is the only thing that never changes. The 'city of dreams' is significantly shaped by the sea, and the rain greatly enhances its splendour. Here are a few activities you might engage in to make the most of the season.

Marine Drive:
Mumbai's Marine Drive is a famous landmark. No matter the distance, people from every corner across the globe visits it. When it's raining, take a stroll down the promenade as the water provides a refreshing wind and raindrops dance on your feet. Locals strongly recommend it as a really refreshing experience to truly experience Mumbai's rainy season.
Take a train to Churchgate station, Look for the sea as soon as you leave the station and begin walking in that direction; it's barely a long walk. And woohoo. Enjoy!

Go to a café or restaurant with a view of the sea:

Want to enjoy the monsoon by the sea but dislike getting wet? Visit a restaurant that has a view of the sea. The monsoons in Mumbai merely make the many cafés and restaurants' fantastic views of the sea look even better than they already do on clear days. Here are some of such places:

1. Pizza By The Bay, Marine Drive

2. Estella, Juhu

3. Dome – Intercontinental, Marine Drive

4. Razzberry Rhinoceros, Juhu

5. Gadda Da Vida, Novotel, Juhu

Travel in and around Mumbai: 
Away from the chaos of the city, there are a few locations just a few hours from Mumbai that you must visit during the monsoon season. These locations are at their most beautiful during the monsoon season due to the abundant flora.

A. Bhandardara: It is a vacation resort town on the western ghat in Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district. about 185 km from Mumbai.

B. Matheran: At 800 metres above sea level, Matheran, the smallest hill station in Maharashtra, is situated. Its name translates as "Forest at the Forehead of Mountains"

C. Karnala Bird Sanctuary: In the Panvel taluka of the Raigad district, close to Mumbai, is the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The Karnala Bird Sanctuary is home to 137 different bird species, 37 of which migrate through at various times of the year. 

D. Lonavala: The Mumbai-Pune motorway is a spectacular trip to this famous monsoon hideaway among Mumbai and Pune people. There are several waterfalls, stunning scenery, and vibrant hues all across Lonavala. The view of the mountain range during the monsoons from Tiger Point in Lonavala is unparalleled; it is known as the Grand Canyon of Maharashtra. Try to capture the dawn or the sunset from this location.