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What Is The Cost Of Traveling In India? Read To Find Out!


Cost of Traveling in India: What You Need to Know!

Your total expenses for traveling in India encompass accommodation, transportation, entry fees to popular attractions, and meals. However, personal purchases like a Pashmina scarf or leather sandals aren't included in these costs.


Budget Traveller: INR 2,000-3,000 a day (30-50 Dollars / 25-45 Euro)

Ideal for adventurous backpackers, this budget range offers a comprehensive experience of India. It covers dorm stays in backpacker hostels or economical private rooms in budget hotels. Local buses, trains, and a single domestic flight for long distances are part of your travel. You'll relish both street food and restaurant meals while visiting popular attractions.

Mid-range Traveler: INR 3,000 – 6,000 (50-90 USD / 45-80 EUR per day, per person)

For cost-conscious travelers seeking comfort, the mid-range category strikes the right balance. With a slight budget increase from backpacking, you'll significantly enhance your trip. Enjoy stays in charming boutique hotels, cozy homestays, and the convenience of internal flights for faster travel. Opt for superior train classes and some chauffeur-driven car rides. Add a touch of luxury with meals at upscale restaurants and activities like cooking classes, desert safaris, or treks.

High-end Traveller: INR 6,000-12,000 a day (90-175 Dollars / 80-150 Euros per person)

If luxury travel is your norm and cost isn't a concern, India offers an array of opulent choices. Indulge in upscale hotels and resorts, flying to various destinations and traveling comfortably in air-conditioned cars. Urban and smaller cities alike provide gourmet dining experiences that are not to be missed. From palace-turned hotels to exquisite boutique luxury accommodations, India has it all for high-end travelers.

In conclusion, the cost of traveling in India varies based on your preferences and budget. Whether you're an adventurous backpacker, a comfort-seeking mid-range traveler, or someone accustomed to luxury, India caters to all kinds of experiences. Keep in mind that these costs cover essential travel expenses, excluding personal shopping and additional indulgences. With this information, you're better prepared to plan your India adventure according to your desired comfort and style.