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Top 5 Sources Of Glycolic Acid In 2023


Glycolic acid has been a popular skincare ingredient for decades, but its popularity has grown exponentially in recent years as more people learn about its many benefits. As more people continue to discover the wonders of glycolic acid, the demand for this versatile acid is predicted to increase over the next few years. To meet this growing demand, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 sources of glycolic acid in 2023.

1. Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice has a high concentration of glycolic acid, putting it at the top of the list of antioxidant sources. There are even greater benefits from drinking it than from applying it directly to the skin. It has the power to reduce acne, wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots, giving a clearer complexion. In addition to glycolic acid, it is packed with vitamins, minerals and flavonoids that can increase the skin's ability to regenerate, making it firmer, smoother and more even.

2. Sour Milk

Sour milk is praised for its anti-aging properties due to its high lactic acid content, plus its abundance of glycolic acid. Applying this dairy product to your face on a regular basis can help to reduce age spots, blemishes, and wrinkles, particularly those around the eyes that emerge in middle age.

3. Apples

If you only consider apples to be a health food, consider them in a new way as a skin food. Historically, pectin was assumed to be the only element that could improve skin health, but now there is evidence that the glycolic acid in apples provides anti-aging and anti-acne benefits. Applying an apple face mask is very helpful for skin prone to blemishes and wrinkles, as the pectin and glycolic acid can reduce inflammation in skin pores and help eliminate unsightly acne marks.

4. Pineapple

Besides being a great summer weight loss fruit, pineapples are packed with skin-nurturing components that can assist with cell regeneration and brighten the skin due to their high glycolic acid content. Rubbing freshly-squeezed pineapple juice onto aging, blemished skin can instantly hydrate and reinvigorate it, while also cleansing and nourishing your pores to make them appear smaller and give your skin a healthy glow.

5. Honey

Honey is a staple on many beauty food lists due to its high concentration of AHA glycolic acid. This makes it a great ingredient for anti-aging recipes, as it can help to hydrate, illuminate, and restore skin that is prone to acne, blemishes, and wrinkles - all of which are universal skin problems regardless of age.