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Soborno Isaac Bari Wiki, Biography, Height, Nationality, Family, Wife

Soborno Isaac Bari

Soborno Isaac Bari, born on April 9, 2012, in the United States, gained global recognition as the youngest professor hailing from New York. His exceptional abilities in academia have captivated the world's attention during an era marked by remarkable advancements and breakthroughs.

Soborno Isaac Bari

Displaying remarkable aptitude even at the tender ages of three or four, Soborno Isaac Bari effortlessly tackles Ph.D.-level problems. Renowned for his extraordinary intellect, Soborno Bari's achievements have elevated him to the status of a child prodigy.

Unlike his peers, Soborno Isaac Bari astounded his parents and the global community by solving Ph.D.-level chemical problems related to the periodic table at the age of two, a feat unimaginable for most toddlers.

Soborno's academic prowess earned him acceptance into prestigious institutions, garnering recognition from several renowned universities worldwide. In January 2020, Soborno Isaac Bari received the esteemed Global Child Prodigy Award, presented by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Kailash Satyarthi. Dr. Satyarthi has publicly expressed his intention to nominate Soborno Isaac for the Nobel Prize, recognizing his exceptional talents and contributions to academia at such a young age.

Wiki / Trivia:
- Real Full Name: Soborno Patek Bari
- Popularly Known As: Soborno Isaac Bari
- Referred To As: God of Mathematics, Einstein of the 21st century, Youngest Professor
- Age (as of 2021): 09 years old
- Birthday: April 9, 2012
- Zodiac Sign: Aries
- Place of Birth: New York, USA
- Nationality: American
- Religion: Islam
- Caste: Sisodiya
- Ethnicity: Bangladeshi-American
- Education: New York School
- Interests: Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics
- Height: Approximately 3′ 4″
- Weight: Approximately 30 Kg
- Hair Color: Black
- Eye Color: Dark Brown
- Parents: Rashidul Bari (Father), Shaheda Bari (Mother)
- Siblings: Brother - Aporbo Bari

Soborno Isaac Bari's Biography:
Born on April 9, 2012, in New York, USA, Soborno Isaac Bari displayed extraordinary intelligence from a young age. Despite conflicting information about his age in various videos, his astrological sign is Aries, with "Patek" as his middle name. Renowned for his academic prowess, Soborno's abilities were recognized by Mafijour Ramon, a retired pilot, who suggested naming him after Sir Isaac Newton due to his exceptional talents in teaching complex subjects at a remarkably young age.