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Janhvi Kapoor Started Dieting From The Age Of 13 Boney Kapoor Unveil

Boney went along with Janhvi to promote the movie 'Mili' on the sets of 'The Kapil Sharma Show' where he shared many enthralling story from their lives

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Producer Boney Kapoor shared an episode where he scolded his daughter Janhvi Kapoor when she ordered a grilled fish without butter while they are in a holiday along with Jahnavis  mother  Sridevi in New York.


He said, "I scolded Janhvi only once when we were for a holiday in New York City. And, there at a restaurant Janhvi ordered a grilled fish with no butter and I was like, “What's the pleasure of having fish without butter?”


Boney Kapoor come along with Janhvi to promote her film 'Mili' on 'The Kapil Sharma Show' and there he shared many interesting episodes from their lives.

Times of India

Janhvi is very diet conscious like her mother and she started dieting at a very early age. He shared: "She started dieting when she was 13 years old because sometimes people used make fun of her and she was never fat she was just little healthy. And as a reason for that, she started dieting. I used to get really stress about going out with Janhvi as she used to select a restaurant where she will get her diet food and Sridevi always used to do the same."

Boney remembered asking a chef to travel with them so that he can enjoy proper Indian meal at home for him. "Both Janhvi and Sridevi used to team up and select a place where they would get their favorite food. Many a times when we used to have our chef travel with us and there I had to call him and ask him to keep some Indian food ready. As he only went to the restaurant only to taste the food."