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Kriti Sanon Responds To Prabhas Relationship Rumours, Calling Them False

Is Kriti Sanon and Prabhas Dating?

For a long time, there has been speculation about Kriti Sanon's connection with Prabhas. The actress resorted to social media to clarify the situation. Kriti called the claims 'totally unfounded,' and added a 'Fake News' label to her Instagram story.

Prabhas and Kriti

The actress further stated that her Bhediya co-star Varun Dhawan needlessly grabbed her leg and taunted her on a reality programme. "It's not Pyaar or PR." Our Bhediya had a little too much fun on a reality programme. And his amusing dialogue sparked some Howl-arious rumours. Let me break your bubble before some portal publishes my wedding date. The rumours are completely false!"
Varun recently appeared to confirm Kriti and Prabhas' romance on the set of a reality programme.
Karan is shown in a promo video from the set of a reality programme asking Varun why Kriti's name was not on the list of suitable singles. "Kriti ka naam isiliye nahi tha kyunki Kriti ka naam..." he responds. Varun is immediately interrupted by Kriti, but he continues, "kisi ke dil me hai." Karan then asks Varun to divulge the name. "Ek aadmi hai jo Mumbai me nahi hai, vo iss waqt shooting kar raha hai Deepika (Padukone) ke saath," he is heard adding. He was referring to Prabhas because he is presently filming Project K. Kriti could then be seen blushing.
 Kriti Sanon
Kriti Sanon recently made news when she stated in an interview that if given the chance, she would marry Prabhas. In addition to Adipurush, the film features key performances by Saif Ali Khan and Sunny Singh. The film is expected to be one of the most popular releases in June 2023.