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Top 10 Feel Good Bollywood Movies Till 2022

Anand (1971)

Bollywood films are a great way to pass the time. However, the storyline and story of a movie determines what genre it belongs in. You may choose a kind and have a movie night based on your tastes, interests, and mood. Bollywood provides many options, whether you want romantic sagas or action movies.

So without further ado, here is the list of uplifting Hindi films.

Anand (1971)

Anand, a cancer sufferer who doesn't have long to live, is the subject of the movie. Anand vows to enjoy his remaining life to the fullest and share pleasure along the way rather than succumbing to depression. In the movie, Amitabh Bachchan has a supporting part.

Gol Maal (1979)

Gol Maal narrates the tale of a young guy named Ramprasad Sharma who invents a lookalike phoney twin brother and gets himself into a lot of trouble while making the audience laugh.

Bawarchi (1972)

The issues that arise in a combined family when nobody cares for one another are addressed in the 1972 movie Bawarchi. Things start to change when a Bawarchi called Raghu moves into their home because Raghu teaches them actual family values and morality. Rajesh Khanna plays the title character in the movie, with Jaya Bachchan playing the female lead.

Chupke Chupke (1975)

The basic yet fascinating plot of the movie revolves on a man who hides his true identity in order to pull a practical joke on someone.

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na (1994)

In stark contrast to typical love tales, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa depicts the tale of a young aspiring musician who is the family's black sheep. He is not your usual hero; instead, he is just an ordinary person trying his best to earn the affection of the girl he cares about. He is sneaky, devious, and occasionally even kind and compassionate. The whole plot of the movie revolves around whether or not he wins her heart.

Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006)

The movie chronicles the struggle of the Khosla family to retrieve their land from a powerful leader in the property nexus. The aspiration of every middle-class man to construct his own home is discussed in the movie, along with interpersonal relationships among families.

Munna Bhai MBBS (2003)

In order to fulfil his father's wish for him to become a doctor, Munna Bhai decides to enrol in a medical college in the heartwarming plot of the movie. The problem is that he is a well-known goon in Mumbai and lacks the necessary educational background to get admitted to a medical school. Rajkumar Hirani seeks to highlight the lack of compassion and disinterest among medical professionals and patients in India through this film.

Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006)

The movie tells the tale of Munna Bhai, who develops a moral conscience after beginning to sense Mahatma Gandhi's presence and begins practising Gandhigiri rather than using violence. Circuit is also played again by Arshad Warsi.

3 Idiots (2009)

Three pals who are students at an engineering college are the subject of the movie. The movie highlights the societal pressure Indian parents place on their children by starring Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, and Kareena Kapoor in the key characters.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008)

the tale of a recentlywed, unassuming middle-class guy who pretends to be boisterous, jovial Raj in order to gain his wife's affection. To find out if the girl falls for her husband's animated and jovial persona or anticipates his true character, you must see the movie.