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Top 10 Telugu Serials In 2022


Tele serials are a key source of entertainment for Telugu state television audiences. Serials on several Telugu entertainment networks, in particular, have received positive feedback from homemakers and a wider audience. Now, in 2022, we've compiled a list of the best Telugu serials.

  1. Karthika Deepam
    The serial debuted in 2017 on Star MAA, a popular entertainment channel, and has been wowing small-screen audiences ever since. The teleserial, which stars Nirupam Paritala, Premi Viswanath, Shobha Shetty, Archana Ananth, and child artist Sahruda, is quickly approaching 1000 episodes. The serial has received high TRP ratings, and you can watch it online through the Disney Plus Hotstar app.A Big Shock For Karthika Deepam Telugu Serial, WIki, Cast

  2. Intinti GruhalakshmiIntinti
    Gruhalakshmi is an adaptation of the Bengali serial Sreemoyee, starring Kasthuri, Poojitha Reddy, Kanaka Durga, Nikhil Nair, Madhavi Latha, Sumit Roy, child artist Advaith Kona, and Lahari Vishnuwazhala, among others. From February 2020, the Telugu version of Sreemoyee has being broadcast on Star MAA, a well-known entertainment channel. The series is also available to stream on the popular streaming service Disney Plus Hotstar. The serial has received high TRP ratings and has wowed the small screen audience as well as housewives, with over 500 episodes.Intinti Gruhalakshmi - Disney+ Hotstar

  3. Trinayani
    Trinayani is a teleserial that has been airing on Zee Telugu, a popular entertainment channel. The serial was initially a Bengali serial, and its dubbed version broadcast on Star MAA from March 2019 to July 2020, starring Gourab Roy, Shruti Das Mohapatra, Jasmine Roy, Priya Malakar, Moyna Mukherjee, Ratna Ghoshal, and others. The repeat version of the serial is currently airing on Zee Telugu, where it has been receiving high TRP ratings.Sale > zee kannada dharavahik > in stock

  4. Naa Peru Meenakshi
    The serial has been airing on renowned entertainment channel ETV without a break since January 2015, and has received high TRP ratings. The serial, which stars Navya Swamy, Madhusudhan, Janaki Verma, Naresh Tribhuvan, Sandhya, and Ranjith Goud, is available on ETV Telugu's YouTube channel for netizens.Naa Peru Meenakshi( నా పేరు మీనాక్షి ) -A lovely Romantic Comedy lov

  5. Devatha
    The Devatha serial, starring Suhasini, Arjun Ambati, Vyshnavee Rami Reddy, Anila Sreehumar, and Nata Kumari, has been airing on Star MAA since August 2020. The drama has gotten a positive reception from the small screen audience and has received high TRP ratings. On the Disney Plus Hotstar app, viewers can watch the drama online.Devatha - Anubandhala Alayam - Disney+ Hotstar

  6. Janaki Kalaganaledu
    From March 2021, the series will be broadcast on the renowned entertainment channel Star MAA. The show is a replica of the Hindi soap opera Diya Aur Baati Hum, which aired on StarPlus. Priyanka Jain, Raasi, Vishnu Priya, Anu Manasa, Amardeep Chowdary, Sheela Singh, and Manjula Paritala appear in the Telugu remake Janaki Kalaganaledu, which has received high TRP ratings.Janaki Kalaganaledu - Disney+ Hotstar

  7. Radhamma Kuthuru
    The serial, which stars Deepthi Manne, Gokul, Soumya Latha, and Aarti among others, is broadcast on the popular entertainment channel Zee Telugu. The series is available online through the Zee5 app and has been well received by audiences.Radhamma Kuthuru TV Serial (ZEE Telugu): Timing, Cast & Crew, Actor,  Actress, Roles, Real Names, Wiki and More - Wiki King | Latest Important  News

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  8. Prema Entha Madhuram
    The serial, which has been broadcast on Zee Telugu for the previous few years, has received high TRP ratings. Sunaad Gowtham is creating music for the serial, which stars Sriram Venkat and Varsha HK. The serial has a high TRP rating and is available on the Zee5 app for online viewing.Telugu Tv Serial Prema Entha Madhuram Synopsis Aired On ZEE TELUGU Channel

  9. Chelleli Kapuram
    Star MAA, a well-known entertainment channel, is airing the serial. The serial, directed by Kumar Pantham and Anil Anand, will premiere in June 2020. Viewers can watch the serial online on Disney Plus Hotstar app, which stars Sirisha, Madhusudhan, Jaya Harika, Naveena, Sri Priya, Sindhuja, and others.Chelleli Kaapuram - Disney+ Hotstar

  10. Vadinamma
    From 2019, the series will be broadcast on Star MAA. The series, which stars Prabhakar, Shiva Parvathy, and Sujitha among others, has been receiving high TRP ratings. On the Disney Plus Hotstar app, viewers can watch the drama online.Vadinamma - Disney+ Hotstar