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Black Dog Price In India In INR In 2023

Know about price of black dog whiskey
Black Dog

Price for Black Dog is Rs 2500 for 750ml pack. India features a wide variety of premium whiskeys, however Black Dog "Black Reserve" Blended Scotch Whisky is a well-known brand. It is a rich, rare premium whiskey and a rare, blended scotch whiskey


Describe a Black Dog.

United Spirits Limited (USL), an Indian company, is the owner of this blended scotch whisky brand. It belongs to the Diageo Group. James MacKinlay produced and blended the first bottle in Scotland in 1883. However, bottled water has been sold in India since 1992. According to 2013 reports, in terms of volume, it was the scotch whisky brand with the fastest rate of growth. 


Some interesting facts about 'Black Dog'

 Black Dog

 1.Because of the scent of aged wood, the brand's flavor is fairly sweet and has a strong toasted malt flavor.


2.The whiskey tastes even more pleasant to customers because of the subtle butterscotch notes that border on cream, along with small floral undertones.


3.This body is also characterized by rich malt, oak, and sherry.


4.Approximately 42.8% of Black Dog Whiskey is blended with alcohol.


Color Amber
Alcohol percentage 42.8
Origin  Scotland



Different sizes with different prices of 'Black Dog'


1. Black Dog whiskey 60ml - Rs 225

 2.Black Dog Whisky 375ml - price Rs 1250

3.Black Dog Whisky 180ml- Rs 630

 4.Black Dog Whisky 1L- Rs 3220

5.Black Dog Whisky 750ml -Rs 2500

 6.Black Dog Whisky 2000ml -Price Rs 6100


Which types of Black Dog Whisky are there?
Reserve Black Dog Black
Reserve Black Dog Gold twelve years old
Black Dog Reserve (18-year-old)
Quintessence the Black Dog, 21 years old


In UP, how much is a black dog worth?
In Uttar Pradesh, a 750ml pack of Black Dog costs Rs 1350.