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Blind Item Revealed: Director-Filmmaker Fighting Over A Movie

He met the director through his ex-girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend attempted to normalize relations between them as well.The filmmaker's most recent picture did poorly at the box office. He's in desperate need of a hit right now.There have been reports that the filmmaker had an affair while working on a webseries he made. The webseries featured the brother-in-law of the superstars  ex-GF.

Blind Item

superstar mentioned in an interview recently that work has commenced on the sequel to his blockbuster movie which released a few years back. Coincidentally a child actor got an award for the original movie this year for her performance in the original movie which released several years back. Our sources inform us, that the superstar doesn't want the movie's filmmaker to be part of the sequel. On the other hand, the filmmaker too is in no mood to quit the blockbuster franchise. it remains to be seen if the filmmaker prevails over the superstar & gets to be part of the sequel in any capacity whatsoever. The weirdest part is that the superstar & the filmmaker have collaborated on several projects in the past. Their relationship soured after their last movie bombed at the box office. One flop was all it took to ruin their friendship.

The filmmaker's wife did try to patch things up between them, but the superstar was in no mood to listen. The superstar did not attend the wedding of his ex-GF just because the filmmaker in question was the one organizing the wedding. The ex-GF & the filmmaker are literally like family. We think that the superstar's ego is stopping him from thinking clearly. The filmmaker in question is a talented one & has extracted noteworthy performances from the superstar. The superstar badly needs a big hit to save his box office crown. His fans secretly hope that the manager whom he fired a few years back is giving the reins again. In the 10-11 odd years that she was managing him, he went from being on the verge of seeing his career getting finished to becoming the box office king. None of his movies barring the sequel to an action blockbuster have managed to hit the bullseye. He has now been choosing scripts that seem repetitive & are likely to bore the audiences. There is no stopping him from casting & producing movies for his talentless cronies either. Many believe that the superstar in fact is no longer the numero uno box office draw. If his next few released don't perform then the other 55+ year old superstar will be unanimously hailed as the box office king.

Our Guess

Superstar- Salman Khan

Filmmaker: Kabir Khan

ex-GF: Katrina Kaif

Movie: Bajrangi Bhaijaan