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Duranga Ending Explained

Unraveling the Mysteries: Duranga Ending Explained
 Duranga Ending Explained

In recent years, Indian cinema has been experimenting with adaptations, bringing foreign stories to a native audience. "Duranga," a romance-thriller series on Zee5, is the latest addition, based on the popular Korean drama "Flower of Evil." This series, created by Goldie Behl and directed by Pradeep Sarkar and Aijaz Khan, delves into the complex life of Sammit Patel, a seemingly perfect husband with a dark past. As the mystery unfolds, questions arise about the connection between Sammit and the Sarangwadi serial slayings, the search for Abhishek Banne, and the emergence of a copycat killer. The series also explores the complexity of relationships, hidden secrets, and the blurred lines between truth and deception.

Duranga web series review: Suspend disbelief if you want to enjoy the twists

Unveiling the Dual Lives: Sammit Patel and Abhishek Banne
"Duranga" introduces us to Sammit Patel (Gulshan Devaiah), a loving husband, father, and talented artist. His wife, Ira (Drashti Dhami), is a Mumbai crime branch cop, and their daughter, Anya (Hera Mishra), completes their family. Despite their apparent happiness, Sammit's parents hold a deep aversion to Ira and their granddaughter, Anya. This puzzling family dynamic leaves many questions. Meanwhile, Ira's professional life takes a turn when she investigates a murder case with eerie similarities to the killings committed by Bala Banne (Zakir Husain), a notorious psychopath from the past. Abhishek Banne, Bala's son, becomes the prime suspect in the new murder case.

Abhishek has always been marked as an outcast in his community, enduring taunts and harassment due to his father's heinous reputation. When Abhishek mysteriously reappears, Ira's intuition tells her he is not the killer. She, along with her team, explores alternative leads and eventually arrests a nurse (Tanuka Laghate) who confesses to the murder. The nurse's motive is shockingly mundane, as she committed the crime to avoid climbing stairs during physiotherapy. Her inspiration came from crime reporter Vikas Sarode's (Abhijeet Khandekar) vlogs. But when a similar murder occurs using Bala Banne's methods, suspicion once again falls on Abhishek, sparking a manhunt. Now the question looms: Will Sammit be implicated in the hunt for Abhishek, and what is their true connection?

An Unexpected Reunion: Vikas and Abhishek
The series takes a thrilling turn with the introduction of Vikas Sarode, a well-known crime blogger and journalist. Vikas arrives at a crime scene armed with a selfie stick and a mobile phone to document his reports. He is particularly popular for his crime vlogs. Ira seeks his assistance after hearing his insights into an old case. However, Vikas is taken aback when he recognizes a design on a pen at the police station. This design triggers memories of his childhood friend, Abhishek Banne, with whom he grew up in Sarangwadi. Vikas tries to locate Abhishek through Sammit Patel, unaware that Abhis old friend is posing as Ira's husband, Sammit. Their reunion takes a dark and sinister turn as Sammit becomes aware of Vikas's knowledge and curiosity.

After a series of tense interactions, Sammit captures and imprisons Vikas in his basement. Sammit's transformation from the ideal man to something unrecognizable becomes apparent. He watches instructional videos as a way to vent his emotions. From this point onward, Sammit, once the ideal family man, leads a double life. He reaches out to Dheeraj, his former roommate, under the guise of Vikas, as he fears Abhishek's return and potential revenge for past disputes.

Dheeraj's Murder: A Shocking Revelation
Tragically, Dheeraj is murdered in his restaurant, and CCTV footage reveals that the killer used Bala Banne's precise modus operandi. Abhishek Banne is once again implicated for this gruesome crime, despite evidence suggesting a new perpetrator is at large. Is there a copycat killer in town? And why are they using Bala's methods?

Abhishek, in his effort to erase any trace of his true identity, threatens Vikas and breaks into his apartment to steal old tapes from their teenage years. Meanwhile, the police discover an audio message sent by Dheeraj to Vikas, and this leads them to Vikas's apartment. Abhishek successfully evades capture, convincing Vikas to assist him, and persuading Ira that Vikas had merely stopped by while she was looking for his address.

Introducing Victor: The Copycat Killer
The series takes a surprising turn with the introduction of Victor, a cab driver in the final stages of cancer who becomes unhinged when his wife, Rosy, goes missing. There have been rumors that Rosy was one of Bala Banne's victims, but her body was never found. Victor was the cab driver who unknowingly drove Dheeraj's murderer to the restaurant. When Inspector Nikhil (Srinivas Prasad Kiran) summons Victor for questioning, he strategically leaves behind a thermos flask with a hidden microphone to gather information about the police's pursuit of Abhishek Banne. Victor's goal is to find Abhishek and discover the location of his wife's body so he can give her a proper burial. He believes Abhishek may have been his father's accomplice. Ira, realizing that they have no information or photograph of Abhishek, unexpectedly discovers a clue that leads her to Sarangwadi. A chase ensues, and Abhishek is pursued by his own wife, Ira. During the chase, his watch, a gift from Ira, falls off, and Ira finds it. In the hospital, Abhishek is kidnapped by Victor, who attempts to drown him by tossing him into the sea, but Ira comes to his rescue. In a hospital encounter, Abhishek reveals to Victor that he was not involved in his father's crimes and has no knowledge of his wife's whereabouts. Throughout this time, Ira grapples with her growing doubts about her husband.

Ira Discovers the Truth: A Troubling Revelation
Ira is shattered when she learns that her husband is the person her entire department is searching for. She breaks the lock on Sammit's basement storeroom, uses alternative light sources to examine it, and discovers traces of cleaned blood, deepening her distress. She recalls their initial meeting and how Sammit attempted to confide in her about his past. Although she rejected his past, she promised him a brighter future. She takes Sammit to the room where Bala Banne tortured his victims, shows him sketches of Abhishek, and presents him with an mp3 player containing his mother's lullaby—all without explicitly acknowledging that she knows his secret.

A Chance Encounter with Prachi: Unraveling More Secrets
Prachi (Barkha Bisht Sengupta), Abhishek's older sister, finally meets Vikas, her former teenage lover. She had lived in Mumbai for many years but lost her job after being linked to her father and brother's crimes. She asks Vikas to refrain from spreading false information about Abhis