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Farebi Yaar (Ullu) Web Series Cast, Story, Real Names, Release Date

Diving into Sensual Mysteries: Yaar Farebi, an Exciting Ullu Web Series, Promises to Redefine Romance with its Stellar Cast and Compelling Plot.

The realm of digital entertainment has recently witnessed a surge in the popularity of web series, and among the upcoming releases, "Yaar Farebi" from Ullu stands out. Boasting a stellar cast including Jayashree Gaikwad, Bharti Jha, and Shakespeare, this sensuous romance is poised to capture the audience's attention with its distinctive storyline. In this piece, we will explore the details of the cast, delve into the characters portrayed by Jayashree Gaikwad and Bharti Jha, and provide a glimpse into the intriguing narrative that assures to keep viewers engaged.

Details of the Cast:

Jayashree Gaikwad:

Role: Wife
Character Description: Jayashree Gaikwad takes on the role of a captivating wife, introducing an element of mystery and allure into the plot.

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Bharti Jha:

Role: Neighbour
Character Description: Bharti Jha assumes the role of a neighbor, contributing complexity and enigma to the storyline. Her portrayal is anticipated to bring depth to the series.

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Role: Friend / Husband
Character Description: Shakespeare, portraying the dual roles of a friend and husband, forms the narrative backbone. The series kicks off with his surprised expression upon encountering the enticing Jayashree Gaikwad and Bharti Jha, building anticipation for the unfolding events.

Plot Overview:

The series begins with an unexpected call to Shakespeare, inviting him to his brother's residence. Little does he know that this visit will expose him to a realm of sensual desires and uncharted passions. As Shakespeare immerses himself in this enticing scenario, he is introduced to the sultry bhabhi, played by Jayashree Gaikwad, and the intriguing neighbor, played by Bharti Jha. The series poses the question – will Shakespeare's fantasies transform into reality? Viewers are encouraged to tune in and discover the mysterious and tantalizing journey in "Yaar Farebi."

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Release Date and Platform:

While the official release date for "Yaar Farebi" is yet to be disclosed, it is scheduled to premiere on the Ullu app in February 2023. Audiences can look forward to an absorbing exploration of sensuality and romance presented by Ullu Digital Pvt Ltd.


"Yaar Farebi" is positioned to be a captivating addition to the web series landscape, blending a skilled cast with an original and engaging storyline. As the release date approaches, fans of the genre eagerly anticipate the chance to embark on a journey filled with passion, suspense, and unforeseen twists. Keep an eye out for this Ullu web series, slated to grace screens in February 2023.