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Fighter Movie Review

Breaking Down 'Fighter's' Success: A Team Effort and Strategic Leadership


1. Hrithik Roshan (Shamsher Pathania, aka Patty):

Hrithik Roshan is praised for his peak performance as Shamsher Pathania, a confident and rebellious squadron leader. His portrayal showcases a strong on-screen presence and an ability to convey both intensity and emotion effectively..

2. Deepika Padukone (Meenal Rathore, aka Minnie):

Deepika Padukone receives acclaim for her performance as Meenal Rathore, bringing depth and confidence to her character. Her chemistry with Hrithik Roshan is highlighted as a strong aspect of the film.

3. Anil Kapoor (Rakesh 'Rocky' Jay Singh):

Anil Kapoor, playing the role of Commander Rocky, is described as dependable and nuanced in his portrayal. His presence adds gravitas to the film, especially in scenes involving tension and camaraderie.

4. Karan Singh Oberoi (Taj):

Karan Singh Oberoi is noted for his strong performance as Taj, a member of the Air Dragons squad. His contribution to the team's dynamics and camaraderie is appreciated.

5. Akshay Oberoi (Basheer):

Akshay Oberoi, portraying the character of Basheer, is mentioned for his commendable performance. His role as a member of the Air Dragons adds to the overall strength of the ensemble cast.

6. Rishabh Sawhney (Azhar Akhtar):

Rishabh Sawhney, playing the antagonist Azhar Akhtar, is recognized for his sincere portrayal. However, some critics feel that he falls short of being as dreaded as the character demands.

Summary: "Fighter" is a patriotic action film set against the backdrop of a militant attack in Kashmir. The story follows the elite combat aviators of Air Dragons, led by the confident and rebellious squadron leader, portrayed by Hrithik Roshan. The film delivers top-notch aerial stunts, intense tactical scenarios, and showcases the camaraderie among the team members. While praised for its thrilling moments and strong performances, "Fighter" faces criticism for its predictable plot and reliance on cliches, making it an engaging yet somewhat formulaic watch for action enthusiasts.

Producer and Director: Director Siddharth Anand has recently underscored the impressive box office triumph of 'Fighter,' emphasizing that the film accomplished this achievement despite facing constraints. Mamta Anand, Ajit Andhare, Anku Pande, Ramon Chibb, Kevin Vaz are the producer of Fighter movie.



  1. Patriotic Action: The film successfully captures the essence of patriotism, especially during a turbulent time like a militant attack in Kashmir. The theme of the Indian Air Force fighting to protect the nation adds a strong patriotic element.

  2. Aerial Stunts and Visuals: The top-notch aerial stunts executed by Sukhoi planes are a major highlight, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The skillful delivery of these sequences adds a thrilling and visually captivating element to the film.

  3. Performances: Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone receive praise for their peak performances, showcasing confidence and chemistry on screen. Anil Kapoor's portrayal as the commander is deemed dependable, and other supporting actors also contribute to the film's strength.

  4. Engaging Thrill: The film is commended for its engaging narrative, especially during the tactical scenarios where the Indian Air Force outsmarts the Pakistani defense. The sequences are said to add excitement and keep the audience hooked.

  5. Cockpit Drama: Director Siddharth Anand's expertise in action entertainers is evident in the slick sequences and enthralling cockpit drama, contributing to the overall excitement and intensity of the film.


  1. Predictable Plot: The film is criticized for its predictable plot, relying on the familiar trope of a dreaded Pakistani militant aiming to destroy India. The use of cliches and predictable tracks takes away from the overall appeal at various stages in the narrative.

  2. Cliches and Tropes: The film is noted for relying on cliches, particularly those associated with the true meaning of religion and patriotism. Critics mention that these elements have been overused in similar narratives before, making them less impactful.

  3. Uneven Pacing: The film's pacing is deemed uneven, with the second half slowing down until the climax. Elements such as songs, backstories, and romance are seen as distractions rather than contributing to the progression of the story.

  4. Forced Themes: The theme of patriarchy and a woman breaking the glass ceiling in a male bastion is criticized as feeling forced. Some viewers feel that these elements, along with other distractions, contribute to the film's uneven pacing.

  5. Lack of Originality: 'Fighter' is mentioned as not offering much new in terms of its plot and narrative. The reliance on familiar elements and storylines may disappoint those seeking a more original and innovative storyline.

Where to watch this movie?

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Recommendation: While 'Fighter' may not bring much new to the table in terms of plot and narrative, it is recommended for action enthusiasts who appreciate top-notch aerial combat sequences and patriotic themes. The engaging thrill, strong performances by the cast, and intense tactical scenarios make it a worthwhile watch, despite its shortcomings in originality and pacing. If you can overlook the predictable elements and enjoy a visually captivating action film, 'Fighter' has the potential to leave you impressed.

Rating: 4 out of 5.