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Johnnie Walker Red Label Price In India In 2023

Know about price of Johnnie Walker Red Label
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Diageo makes the well-known scotch whiskey Johnnie Walker in Scotland. The brand was started by John Walker, who is currently the best-selling scotch whisky in the world. The liquor stores across nearly every nation sell the brand. The most liked and best-selling kind of JW whiskey is called Red Label. The Delhi Duty Free Website states that the average Red Label Price in India is Rs 2490. Kilmarnock is where the brand was founded, and its history began with just one person, John Walker.

A whiskey brand that started it all and is well-known for its flexibility and appeal to all. This is the best red-label scotch in India because of its rich and strong flavor. no matter how much it's a friend's get-together or a party? This red-label whiskey brand is ideal.

 Red label

 Price of Johnnie Walker Red Label

Variety price
Red Label 50ml  Rs 225
Red Label 200ml  Rs 650
Red Label 375ml  Rs 1250
Red Label 750ml  Rs 2250


Important Facts Regarding Jonnie Walker Red Label 


1.The average price for the different capacity bottles is the same, but the red label price varies by city.

 2. A red-label brand is Johnnie Walker. It implies that the Johnnie Walker brand is a part of the company, which is represented by the red label.

 3. You have to try this premium whiskey drink at parties. The list of cities with red-label prices includes Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, and other cities.

 4. It is an Indian whiskey blend which isn't age-restricted.

 5.The aroma of fresh citrus fruitiness forms the basis of the brand's taste.

 6. However, the addition of cinnamon and black pepper to the Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky sets it apart from the other brands.

 8. In India, consumers trying the best mixed drinks for a party can purchase a 750 ML bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky.



How much whiskey from JW Scotland is sold on average each year?
The company is making 2.6 billion dollars, according to online data and sources.


 Is Johnnie Walker more costly in India than other whiskey brands?
Johnnie Walker is 30% to 40% more expensive in India than other whiskey brands, but it tastes incredibly good.


How much does the Black Label 750ml cost in India?
While the prices of Red Label and Black Label are different, they belong to the same brand. Black Label costs 4429 rupees.