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 Karmma Calling Web Series

Luxury, Betrayal, and Secrets: Alibaug's Elite Faces Unraveling Fates
 Karmma Calling Web Series
  1. Raveena Tandon: The veteran Bollywood actress brings her seasoned acting skills to the series, likely portraying a compelling and pivotal role.

  2. Namrata Sheth: An emerging talent, Namrata Sheth contributes to the series with her acting prowess, adding depth to the ensemble cast.

  3. Varun Sood: Known for his presence in the entertainment industry, Varun Sood is expected to deliver a noteworthy performance in the series.

  4. Vikramjeet Virk: Bringing his experience to the project, Vikramjeet Virk likely adds a strong and impactful presence to the storyline.

  5. Viraf Patel: A seasoned actor, Viraf Patel's involvement in the series suggests a character with substance and significance.

  6. Rohit Roy: With his well-established acting career, Rohit Roy is likely to bring a seasoned and compelling performance to his role in the web series.

  7. Amy Aela: A notable addition to the cast, Amy Aela's presence hints at a diverse and interesting character within the series.

  8. Waluscha D'Souza: Known for her modeling and acting career, Waluscha D'Souza likely contributes her charm and talent to the series.

  9. Gaurav Sharma: Gaurav Sharma's involvement suggests a promising performance, adding to the overall dynamic of the cast.

  10. Piyush Khati: As a part of the ensemble, Piyush Khati likely plays a role that adds depth and diversity to the narrative.

Summary: "Karmma Calling" unfolds in the upscale society of Alibaug, driven by a mysterious murder that disrupts the lives of its affluent inhabitants. The series, marked by a tale of revenge and hidden secrets, navigates through a web of dark conspiracies and betrayals. While the plot boasts momentum with meticulous planning and unexpected twists, its execution is criticized as unremarkable, lacking a distinctive edge. The portrayal of the revenge theme is described as cold and stale, and although moments of intrigue arise, they often lack lasting impact. The show is recommended for those drawn to suspenseful drama within a lavish backdrop.

Director and Producer: The director of the series Karmma calling is Ruchi Narain. Produced by Taher Shabbir and Ashutosh Shah.


  1. Intriguing Plot: The series presents an engaging plot centered around revenge, with a murder on the beach serving as a catalyst for unraveling dark secrets and conspiracies in the affluent Alibaug society.

  2. Meticulous Planning: The meticulous planning of the revenge-seeker adds a layer of suspense and strategic thinking to the narrative, keeping the audience curious about each episode's unfolding events.

  3. Twists and Turns: The plot is described as busy and overheated, maintaining momentum through a series of twists and turns that contribute to the overall unpredictability of the storyline.


  1. Unremarkable Execution: Despite the intriguing plot, the series is criticized for its unremarkable, by-the-numbers approach to a tale that feels somewhat familiar. The adaptation from the American series "Revenge" is noted, but the execution lacks a distinctive edge.

  2. Stale Revenge Theme: The revenge served in "Karmma Calling" is described as cold and stale, with the picture-perfect setting and glammed-up characters appearing inert, stodgy, and dull at times.

  3. Lack of Impactful Moments: While the series occasionally springs to life, the impactful moments are deemed fleeting and not lasting long enough to provide substantial weight to the overall narrative. The engagement party disruption is cited as an example of a momentary highlight.


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I watched it on Disney hotstar.

Recommendation: "Karmma Calling" is recommended for viewers who appreciate a busy and suspenseful plot with numerous twists and turns. The meticulous planning of the revenge-seeker and the uncovering of dark secrets contribute to the series' appeal. However, those seeking a more distinctive and impactful execution of the revenge theme might find the series falling short of expectations. It's a watchable choice for those interested in drama and intrigue within an affluent societal setting.

Rating: 3 out of 5.