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Love hostel plot & ending explained

Escape from Persecution: A Thrilling Story of an Inter-Faith Couple in Love Hostel

Love hostel

Love Hostel is a romantic thriller that takes place in rural North India, centered around the perilous escape of an inter-faith couple from societal persecution, all while being relentlessly pursued by a notorious hitman.



At the start of the movie, a seemingly unremarkable couple is shown joyfully commemorating their marriage on camera. However, this scene quickly transforms into a terrifying sequence as an unidentified assailant is captured on video hanging the couple.

Bobby Deol portrays the principal villain, Dagar, who is first introduced to the viewers. Dagar sends evidence of the couple's murder, presumably to his employers, but upon closer examination of the perpetrator's face, it suggests that the crime was motivated by a personal grudge. The narrative then transitions to the police discovering the crime scene, where they uncover the surprising fact that the antagonist was thought to be deceased, leading to a debate among law enforcement over its veracity.

The film progresses, and the audience is introduced to the two central characters, Jyoti (Sanya Malhotra), a Hindu, and Ashu (Vikrant Massey), a Muslim Jat, who are preparing to officially register their marriage. Accompanying them as a witness is their close friend, Sonu. Despite the lighthearted atmosphere, their happiness is short-lived as the first conflict arises. Ashu receives a menacing call from an unidentified caller, instructing him to fulfill a particular delivery.

The story progresses by acquainting us with the backgrounds of the main characters and their respective families. Jyoti's family comprises her affectionate and understanding father, distant mother, vulnerable younger sister, and arrogant and abusive younger brother. Additionally, Jyoti's grandmother, a prominent political figure who prioritizes tradition and societal image, serves as another antagonist as she disapproves of the couple's inter-faith relationship. Meanwhile, Ashu's father has been falsely accused of possessing weapons and wrongfully incarcerated, and his mother seems to be experiencing a disorder akin to schizophrenia.

The plot progresses as the couple manages to legally register their marriage and secures protection from Jyoti's potentially perilous family. However, things take a turn for the worse when they are sent to a rundown establishment known as a "love hostel," where they are allotted a cramped room that they must share with around 30 other individuals.

Regrettably, the couple has little time to fret over their housing situation as they are besieged by difficulties. Ashu is pursued by the anonymous caller and coerced into carrying out a delivery, resulting in a confrontation with both the police and criminals. Subsequently, it is revealed that Ashu was a police informant who assisted in capturing criminals, aided by a justice-seeking officer. After narrowly surviving the perilous situation, Ashu returns to the love hostel only to encounter an entirely new set of complications.

The hired assassin, Dagar, arrives to fulfill his mission, but the couple narrowly evades his deadly intentions and resumes their quest for liberty.

In case you are uncertain about the conclusion, here is a comprehensive summary.

Love Hostel (2022) ending explained in detail:

Teach ‘em young

To evade Dagar's pursuit, the couple flees to Sonu's vacant residence. While staking out, Ashu endeavors to locate his mother, Jyoti's father, and her sister. Tragically, he discovers his mother deceased due to suffocation by Dagar. Despite this setback, he persists and rescues Jyoti's abused sister with the assistance of her father. However, their triumph is fleeting as Jyoti's younger brother shoots Ashu and re-abducts his younger sister to their home.

A family affair

On Jyoti's end, Dagar finally catches up with her and restrains her, ready to carry out her execution. The house owner arrives, and viewers learn that Sonu was Dagar's daughter. It is then unveiled that Dagar's animosity was instigated by an event where his brother committed suicide, aided by Sonu's betrayal. A flicker of optimism arises when Jyoti breaks free from her bonds, but it is swiftly extinguished as Dagar shoots her.

The death of a dog

After his success, Dagar continues his journey and stops at a rest stop to change his tires. He brings along a dog that he had rescued from a gunshot wound and had treated at a veterinary hospital. Dagar presumably visits a vet who he bribes to keep his identity secret. The dog jumps out of the car and playfully crosses the road, and Dagar follows it fondly, revealing a glimmer of his humanity. Unfortunately, this moment is short-lived as Dagar is hit by a truck and lies on the side of the road.