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Savi - A Bloody Housewife movie review

A Transformation from Ordinary Housewife to Fierce Protagonist


  • Harshvardhan Rane
  • Anil Kapoor
  • Divya Khosla Kumar
  • Dan Gallier
  • Adrian Stretton

Summary: Savi - A Bloody Housewife* follows the gripping journey of Savi (Divya Khosla Kumar), a seemingly ordinary housewife and mother, who takes on an extraordinary challenge. She embarks on a dangerous mission to infiltrate one of England's most secure prisons to aid her husband's escape.


  • Abhinay Deo


  • Mukesh Bhatt
  • Bhushan Kumar


  1. Engaging Performances: Divya Khosla Kumar delivers a standout performance, convincingly portraying a woman who transforms from a simple housewife into a determined and resourceful heroine. Anil Kapoor and Harshvardhan Rane also bring strong performances to their roles, adding depth and intensity to the narrative.
  2. Thrilling Plot: The film's storyline is filled with suspense and tension, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as Savi navigates the high-stakes environment of a maximum-security prison.
  3. Direction and Pacing: Abhinay Deo’s direction ensures a tight, well-paced narrative that effectively builds suspense. The film's editing and pacing contribute to its gripping nature.
  4. Cinematography and Action Sequences: The cinematography captures the bleak and imposing atmosphere of the prison, while the action sequences are well-executed and add to the overall thrill of the movie.


  1. Character Development: Some characters, especially those in supporting roles, could have been more fleshed out. This would have added more depth to the story and helped viewers connect with them on a deeper level.
  2. Predictable Moments: Despite the overall suspenseful plot, there are moments where the storyline becomes somewhat predictable, which might lessen the impact for some viewers.
  3. Dialogues: At times, the dialogues feel a bit clichéd and lack the sharpness that the intense narrative demands.


Savi - A Bloody Housewife is a thrilling and engaging film that showcases the transformation of an ordinary woman into a fierce and determined heroine. With strong performances, especially from Divya Khosla Kumar, and a suspenseful plot, the movie offers an exciting cinematic experience. Although it has some predictable moments and could benefit from better character development and sharper dialogues, it remains a compelling watch for fans of action and suspense dramas. If you're looking for a movie that combines intense action with a captivating storyline, Savi - A Bloody Housewife is definitely worth your time.


Where to watch this movie?

I watched it on Cinema Hall.

Rating: 3 out of 5


Savi - A Bloody Housewife delivers a thrilling and suspenseful narrative that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. Divya Khosla Kumar's powerful performance as Savi, along with strong support from Anil Kapoor and Harshvardhan Rane, drives the film's gripping storyline. Director Abhinay Deo ensures tight pacing and effective suspense, although the film could benefit from more fleshed-out supporting characters and sharper dialogues. Despite some predictable moments, the movie offers an exciting blend of action and drama. For fans of intense, action-packed thrillers, Savi - A Bloody Housewife is a recommended watch that effectively portrays the transformation of an ordinary housewife into a formidable force.