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Tejas review

Kangana Ranaut's Transformation: From Actor to Soldier

The Cast: Kangana Ranaut's performance is nothing short of exceptional. Her portrayal of a strong and determined fighter pilot is convincing, and she brings depth to the character, embodying both the physical demands and emotional challenges of the role. Ranaut's dedication to her craft is evident, having undergone four months of intensive training to master the special combat techniques used in the forces. Her commitment shines through, making her character all the more authentic and relatable.

The supporting cast, though not as prominently featured, delivers commendable performances. They provide essential layers to the story and create a believable backdrop for Ranaut's character to shine.

Summary: "Tejas," set against the backdrop of a historic moment when the Indian Air Force broke barriers by inducting women into combat roles in 2016, is a gripping tribute to the courage and determination of these trailblazing fighter pilots. Kangana Ranaut, who leads the film with a stellar performance, underwent intensive training to portray a daring soldier. The movie's script, without revealing the plot, weaves a narrative that captures the spirit and challenges of the Indian Air Force's pioneering decision, offering audiences an empowering and authentic cinematic experience. Tejas, directed by Sarvesh Mewara and produced by Ronnie Screwvala, takes the audience on a riveting journey into the world of the Indian Air Force (IAF), marking a pivotal moment in India's military history. The film is set in 2016, the year when the IAF broke new ground by inducting women into combat roles. At the center of this historic narrative is Kangana Ranaut, who portrays a fearless female fighter pilot, leading the charge in a male-dominated arena.

The Director: Sarvesh Mewara, in his directorial debut, skillfully navigates the narrative, maintaining a tight grip on the storyline. His choice to helm a project with such significance is a commendable one. Mewara's direction ensures that the film carries the weight of the subject matter and maintains a respectful and authentic portrayal of the Indian Air Force.

The Producer: Ronnie Screwvala, known for his commitment to delivering quality content, has yet again produced a film that focuses on an important and empowering subject matter. His association with Tejas is testament to his dedication to bringing stories of national interest to the forefront.


Expectations Before Watching: Before watching Tejas, expectations were high. The concept of a film centered around the induction of women into combat roles in the Indian Air Force was intriguing and promised to be a source of inspiration. Kangana Ranaut's dedication and the film's production team created anticipation for a compelling and realistic portrayal of this groundbreaking decision.

What We Liked:

  1. Kangana Ranaut's performance is undoubtedly the highlight of the film. Her dedication and commitment to the role are palpable, and she embodies the spirit of a fighter pilot with conviction.
  2. The film's focus on a significant moment in India's military history adds depth and relevance to the narrative.
  3. The action sequences and aerial shots are visually impressive and add a sense of authenticity to the film.

What We Did Not Like:

  1. While the film effectively portrays the challenges faced by women in combat roles, it sometimes leans into predictable story tropes, which can feel formulaic.
  2. The supporting characters could have been developed further to provide a more well-rounded narrative.

Recommendation: Tejas is a commendable tribute to the women in the Indian Air Force and their remarkable journey into combat roles. Kangana Ranaut's performance, coupled with the film's authentic portrayal of this pivotal moment in military history, makes it worth watching. It serves as an empowering reminder of the remarkable strides women have made in various fields. While not without its flaws, Tejas is a film that deserves recognition and appreciation.

Where to watch this movie?

I watched it on cineama hall.

Star Rating: 4/5

Tejas is a compelling and inspiring film that offers a window into the world of female fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force. Its message of empowerment and the standout performance by Kangana Ranaut make it a must-watch for those interested in stories of determination, courage, and breaking gender barriers.