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Top 20 Funny Hindi Movie Dailogues Till 2023

Mai har har test pass karke dikhaonga, chahe yeh mera blood test he kyo na ho

Salman Khan:

1. "Swagat nahi karoge aap hamara?" - This speech from the film Dabangg 2 has grown into a famous phrase in Bollywood.  Salman Khan's swagger and charisma make it even more memorable. It's often used in a light-hearted, welcoming context and has been widely circulated in memes and banter.

Swagat nahi karoge aap hamara?

2. "Sala, main bhi phekku aur yeh vi phekku. Circus ka retired Bandar lagta hai." - Andaz Apna Apna, a cult classic, is known for its hilarious dialogues. Salman Khan's delivery of this line adds a unique charm to the comedy in the film. The humor lies in his playful banter with co-star Aamir Khan.

3. "Mere baarein mein itna mat sochna. Dil mein aata hoon samajh mein nahi." - This funny dialogue from the movie Kick showcases Salman Khan's witty side. It's a humorous way of saying that one's feelings can't be easily understood by others, adding a playful twist to romance.

4. "Hum tum mei shed karenge... "Ki confusion ki sans kahan se le... aur padein kahan che." -This funny discussion may appear in another film, Dabangg.  Salman Khan's character, Chulbul Pandey, is known for his witty comebacks and fearless persona. This line exemplifies his unique style of humor.

5. "Zindagi mein teen cheezein kabhi underestimate nahi karna –"I, MYSELF, and ME." - Salman Khan delivered this iconic line in the comic flick Ready. It's a humorous take on self-confidence and self-importance, delivering a dose of laughter.

Akshay Kumar:

6. "Mai har har test pass karke dikhaonga, chahe yeh mera blood test he kyo na ho." - In the movie Khiladi 786, Akshay Kumar's character expresses his unwavering determination to win the heart of his love interest, showcasing his commitment even in comical scenarios.

7. "Don't Angry Me." - This funny one-liner from Rowdy Rathore wonderfully depicts the film's action-comedy vibe. Akshay Kumar's character, Shiva, uses it as a catchphrase, adding a comical touch to intense scenes.

8. "Tube se nikla hua paste aur tees maar khan ki diyi hui zabaan kabhi vapas nahi jaati." - Tees Maar Khan might not have been a critical success, but it had its share of memorable dialogues. This one, delivered by Akshay Kumar, humorously references a toothpaste advertisement and the irreversible nature of spoken words.

9. "Aiyyyyhhh !!! Kyo Thak Rahe ho?" - Housefull 3 gave us this classic dialogue, which is used to comically express surprise or disbelief. Akshay Kumar's impeccable comic timing adds to the humor of the scene and has turned this line into a popular meme.

10. "Is baar angreji mai tumko Barack Obama ki ma bhi fail nahi kar sakti." - Jolly LLB-2 showcases Akshay Kumar's ability to infuse humor into his roles. This dialogue, delivered with a touch of sarcasm, reflects his character's confidence and wit.

Shakti Kapoor:

11. "Main to nanha sa pyaara sa chota sa bachcha hu." - Shakti Kapoor's delivery of this line in the movie Chalbaaz was nothing short of iconic. His comical portrayal of a dwarf-like character added a unique dimension to this hilarious dialogue. The exaggerated body gestures during this scene also contributed to its comedic impact.

12. "Mai hu Nandu, sabka bhandhu." - Shakti Kapoor's humorous line from the movie Raja Babu showcases his talent for jokes.  His character's self-proclaimed title as "everybody's friend" is both amusing and endearing, making it a classic in the world of Bollywood comedy.

13. "Crime master Gogo naam hai mera aakhen nikaal kar gotiyan khelta hu main gotiya." - Shakti Kapoor's performance in Andaaz Apna Apna portraying Crime Master Gogo got famous. This dialogue is a perfect example of his quirky and humorous style. The character won hearts with his eccentric antics and unforgettable lines.

14. "Samajhta nahi hai yaar." - Raja Babu introduced this timeless funny Hindi movie dialogue to audiences. Shakti Kapoor's portrayal of a bumbling sidekick who struggles to grasp complex situations added a layer of hilarity to the film. This dialogue remains a favorite among fans of '90s Bollywood.

Paresh Rawal:

15. "Yeh Babu Rao ka style." - Hera Pheri, one of Bollywood's finest comedies, features this humorous dialogue delivered by Paresh Rawal's character, Babu Rao. His peculiar style and mannerisms have made this line synonymous with his character, evoking laughter every time it's repeated.

16. "Aree baba wrong number hai to uthati kyo hai." - Another gem from Hera Pheri, this dialogue showcases Babu Rao's perpetual state of confusion. Paresh Rawal's impeccable timing and delivery make this scene a classic example of situational comedy.

Nana Patekar:

19. "Bhagwan ka diya hua sab kuch hai … daulat hai, shauhrat hai, izzat hai." - Although Welcome Back wasn't as popular as its predecessor, Nana Patekar's acting was excellent. This particular line, delivered with Nana's trademark style, highlights his character's pride and arrogance.

20. "Achha hai, bahut achha hai." - From the movie Parinda, Nana Patekar's character delivers this one-liner with deadpan humor. The simplicity and matter-of-fact tone make it a memorable dialogue that has been mimicked by many comedians and fans.