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Top Ten Gaming YouTubers in Japan in 2023

Ambition of Hayato


10. Bambee

Subscribers: 312K

Topic: Pokemon


Bambee is a dedicated Pokemon enthusiast whose YouTube channel is a hub for thrilling Pokemon battles. His content revolves around exploring various combinations of Pokemon types and fighting strategies. One remarkable instance showcased his victory using an unconventional fighting style that had no apparent effect on his opponent's Pokemon.


9. Ambition of Hayato

Subscribers: 878K

Topics: Indie games, Simulation, Newly releases, RPG


Ambition of Hayato is an avid gamer with a penchant for indie games, simulations, and RPGs. His unique flair for unconventional gameplay sets his channel apart, and he often shares short clips highlighting his gaming adventures.


8. Odaken

Subscribers: 898K

Topics: Indie games, Horror

Odagiri Kwento, also known as Odaken, specializes in overseas horror games that elicit spine-chilling reactions from viewers. His ability to convey a mix of excitement and dread has garnered him a substantial following, making his horror-themed videos incredibly popular.

7. Japan Gemu

Subscribers: 987K

Topic: Vintage games, Retro games

Japan Gemu deviates from the mainstream by delving into vintage and retro video games. Rather than focusing on the latest releases, he scours Japanese stores in pursuit of classic game treasures. His content rekindles nostalgic memories of the past, striking a chord with those who grew up with these games.

6. Raibarori

Subscribers: 1.05M

Topic: Pokemon

Raibarori's lifelong dedication to Pokemon is evident in his YouTube channel. Catering to Pokemon fans, his content features engaging battle streams and related discussions. Beyond battles, Raibarori offers valuable insights through reviews and comparisons, aiding his viewers in optimizing their Pokemon strategies.

5. GENJ1 Gaming

Subscribers: 1.41M

Topics: PUBG, COD, FPS

GENJ1 Gaming is renowned for mastering PUBG and COD, utilizing an impressive six-finger technique. His innovative gaming skills attract a dedicated following, eager to learn his tactics and apply them in their own gameplay. GENJ1's strategic gameplay analysis makes his channel a valuable resource for PUBG and COD enthusiasts.

4. Mokou no Play-by-play

Subscribers: 1.49M

Topics: Pokemon, Mario Bros, RPGs

Mokou no Play-by-play, known as Moko, holds the title of the "King" of Pokemon Battles. His extensive expertise extends beyond Pokemon, encompassing Mario Bros, RPGs, simulations, and puzzles. Moko's multifaceted content has earned him a collection of accolades, reflecting his undeniable influence in the gaming community.

3. Juki PaPPa

Subscribers: 1.56M

Topics: Mario Bros, Nintendo

Juki PaPPa is a charismatic gaming personality with a focus on Mario Bros and other Nintendo titles. His enchanting narrations and reactions infuse humor and storytelling into his gameplay streams, captivating audiences. Juki PaPPa's ability to create an entertaining atmosphere has endeared him to subscribers seeking engaging Nintendo content.

2. Natsuki Hanae

Subscribers: 2.08M

Topics: Horror and Thriller, Simulators, New-Releases

Natsuki Hanae thrives on versatility, showcasing prowess across diverse genres including horror, simulators, and new releases. From Resident Evil Village to Mario Bros to Ragnarok, his adaptability and mastery have garnered a sizable following. Natsuki Hanae's dynamic approach to gaming has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the gaming community.

1. Yomii

Subscribers: 2.1M

Yomii's channel transcends conventional gaming by incorporating the beauty of music. Renowned for crafting exquisite piano covers of gaming theme music, Yomii's passion for both music and gaming shines through. His unique fusion of music and gaming has resonated globally, attracting fans through the universal language of music and its immersive impact on gaming experiences.