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Top 10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World 



Cinderella makes it evident that new shoes can totally change a woman’s life. This makes it important to choose the most expensive shoes for women out there. But not to worry, we are here to make your search easy:

  1. Miu Miu

It is evident by very few that Miuccia Prada conceived the name Miu Miu from the family’s nickname. Miu focuses its collection on the concepts of couture, luxury, and feminism, and its strategy, collections, photographs, etc. were bold staying true to its motto.

  1. Gucci

It is an Italian brand known for impeccable quality and exclusively designed luxury leather goods from handbags, apparel, and luggage to shoes. It is known for playing with details and experimenting with materials that were otherwise not known.

  1. Christian Louboutin

It is easy to recognize the brand. Its story about surprisingly designing shoes by accident keeps everyone fascinated. While the shoes started gaining popularity with time and yet became one of the most luxurious brands of shoes.

  1. Walter Steiger

It was initially started by a Geneva-based designer in 1932 with unique materials, creating off-beat designs but gradually his son, Walter Steiger (Jr) opened a boutique in Paris in 1974 and gained massive popularity. Till then it is making sure to make the luxury footwear sector for both men and women.

  1. Jimmy Choo

Who hasn’t listened to this brand’s echo in the shoe market? It has the most loyal and elite customer base in the world. From pumps to sneakers, Jimmy Choo has set its eyes on every detail.

  1. Brian Atwood

The company was started with the philosophy “Freedom lies in being bold”. It is one of those designers who were hired directly by Versace in Italy. He always believed that footwear could be the deal-breaker for an outfit.

  1. Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman started his career by designing shoes for his father’s store called ‘Seymour Shoes’, in Massachusetts. He took a break from his education but continued again to design and repurchased it in 1994. His shoes started gaining popularity and soon became a thing on the red carpets. 

  1. Louis Vuitton 

It is a brand that the elite swear by not only in handbags, luggage, accessories, and apparel but in shoes too. It is as old as 150 years and has been growing consistently since then.

  1. Alexander McQueen

It is one of those brands that gained popularity very quickly and massively. Alexander McQueen started off as a designer in Givenchy and became the chief designer within no time. He got out and started a brand under his name, designing stuff like no other.

  1. Manolo Blahnik

It is often referred to as the holy man of heels. It produces designs with a taste of authenticity, customization, and not massive production. His first meeting with Diana Vreeland, Vogue’s editor-in-chief in 1968 set off his shoe-making journey. Since then, Manolo Blahnik hasn’t looked back.