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Top 5 Mattresses In India In 2022

We heard you saying Mattress. Mattress plays an important role in shaping your whole day. Waking up feeling tired and unmotivated is a major problem and probably the best solution for this is to get a good mattress. So we have got you a list of the best mattresses in India:

  1. Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress

What can be better than this that the company provides you with a try-and-buy offer? Yes,  you read it right. This company allows you to test their mattress for 100 days before you decide. Their mattress is made up of 4 layers to provide a strong foundation and with a layer of supportive foam that offers good assistance and amazing bounce.

  1. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress

The company is creating havoc in the Indian market with its highest-rated mattress,  SmartGRID Luxe Mattress. It is a unique technology made from hyper-plastic polymer developed by Dr. Tripathi from DRDO. It provides relief to back and shoulder pain and provides you with a sweat-free experience. They also provide you with 100 night's free trial.

  1. Sunday Ortho Memory 4 Mattress

The material used in constructing this mattress is what makes it different from other mattresses. The Sunday mattresses are made from pure foam without filters that reduce the cost of the mattress. This mattress is used using cotton as the fabric making the bed warm and long-lasting.

  1. Urban Ladder DreamLite 6-inch Comfort Spring Mattress

This mattress comes in six distinct sizes apart from the queen size so you can easily choose the size of the mattress according to your physique and requirement. Apart from size, it comes in two different heights, 6 and 9 inches available for king and queen size beds. There is no other brand that offers such quality and height. It is a comfortable and good balance of softness and firmness. 

  1. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is specially designed to improve your sleep. It is a budget-friendly mattress that provides you with the best qualities at a lesser cost than any other company. This mattress is also known for providing relief in nack and joint pains. Its 100% top cover provides works well with allergies and asthma issues. On top of that, it comes with 10-year manufacturing warranty.