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IAS Ishita Rathi UPSC Marksheet, Age, Biography, Instagram, Salary In 2023

Parental Support: How Ishita's Parents' Profession Helped Ensure Financial Stability


Ishita Rathi Wikipedia and biography

Ishita Rathi, residing in Bagpat district, Uttar Pradesh, secured the 8th rank nationwide in the UPSC examination. Despite living in Bagpat, she spent most of her childhood in Delhi. Ishita comes from a wealthy and modest family, with both her parents working as government servants. Her father and mother serve as assistant sub-inspectors in the Delhi police, ensuring that she never faced any financial difficulties.

Age 28
Date of birth 19.09.1994
Joining date NA
cast General
Height 5.6 ft

How did her parents keep pushing her to become an IAS officer?

Being well-versed in the police service, Ishita's parents have a deep understanding of the authority and influence wielded by IAS officers. They shared insights with her regarding the responsibilities and impact of an IAS officer at the district level, inspiring her to pursue this career path. Her parents made numerous sacrifices to support her studies, going as far as removing the television from their home and restricting her social interactions.

What are Ishita Rathi’s education and 10th and 12th percentage?

With an impressive 94% in her 10th standard and 97% in her 12th class, she concluded her schooling at Delhi D.A.V Public School. Subsequently, she made the decision to enroll at LSR College to pursue a degree in economics. Following her undergraduate studies, she relocated to Chennai to pursue a post-graduate degree at the Madras School of Economics.


How many attempts did she take to clear the UPSC examination?

It took her three attempts to pass the UPSC examination. In 2019, she made her first attempt and quickly realized the challenging nature of the exam, prompting her to recognize the need for specialized preparation and strategy.

In the following year, 2020, she made another attempt at the UPSC examination but unfortunately failed due to scoring poorly in the economic subjects.

Undeterred, she persisted and gave the UPSC examination again in 2021. This time, her determination paid off as she successfully cleared the exam, securing the impressive 8th rank nationwide.

What is her optional subject in the UPSC examination?

Due to her background in Economics, she chose it as her optional subject for the UPSC examination. Being well-versed in the subject and familiar with its topics, it became relatively easier for her. However, in her second attempt, she was unable to succeed as she scored lower marks in Economics, her chosen optional subject.

Despite the setback, she remained determined and opted for Economics as her optional subject once again in her third attempt. This time, her decision paid off handsomely as she achieved the highest marks in the subject, scoring 170 in Paper I and 123 in Paper II.


What newspaper did she read?

She regularly read The Hindu newspaper, primarily utilizing it for two purposes: staying updated on current affairs and improving her answer writing skills, without taking any notes from it.

Did she take coaching for UPSC preparation?

Contrary to taking UPSC coaching, she relied on self-study for her preparation. Whenever she encountered difficulties with a specific topic or question, she turned to the internet and YouTube for assistance. Remarkably, she successfully cleared the UPSC examination without any coaching support.

How does she handle her exam pressure and anxiety?

She expressed that handling the pressure, especially during the prelims examination, could be challenging. During such moments, she found solace in confiding in her best friend or parents, as they provided the motivation she needed. To combat boredom while studying, she would indulge in watching movies or playing with her dog.


Ishita Rathi booklist and UPSC preparation


Her study materials for Art and Culture included the Tamil Nadu NCERT books for class 11th, the Fine Art NCERT book, and her coaching notes.

For History, she relied on the Spectrum book. Specifically for post-independence India, Nitin Sangwan sir's notes proved to be highly beneficial. As for world history, she favored Prateek Nayar's YouTube lectures.

In the subject of Society, she extensively used the Class 12th NCERT books on sociology and also referred to the Vision IAS Mains 365 magazine.

When it came to Geography, she studied the Class 12th NCERT books and supplemented her knowledge by watching Rajtanil Solanki's YouTube videos.


In her study of the Indian constitution, she, like many others, found Laxmikant's book to be her preferred resource.

For the topic of Social Justice, she took the initiative to create her own notes. Additionally, she was advised to read the Niti Ayog report (summary) for a comprehensive understanding.

When it came to Governance, she relied on the summary of the 2nd arc and watched Mrunal sir's YouTube videos.

In the subject of International Relations, she kept herself updated with the current affairs provided by Vision IAS (Mains 365) and also maintained her own set of notes.


For studying the Economy, she relied on the summary of the Economic Survey, the latest budget, and her own notes from coaching.

To stay updated on Science and Technology, she referred to the current affairs provided by Vision IAS (Mains 365) and also kept track of relevant news articles.

In the subject of Environment, she utilized Shankar IAS notes (purchased from Amazon) along with Vision IAS current affairs.

For Disaster Management, she referred to the 2nd arc report and watched Roman Saini's lectures on Unacademy.

To stay informed about Security, she dedicated time to reading newspapers and staying up-to-date with current affairs.


She conducted an online search and took notes on the subject.

Ishita Rathi UPSC marksheet

Subject Markes
Essay (paper- Ⅰ) 129
General Study- Ⅰ (paper-Ⅱ) 106
General Study- Ⅱ (paper-Ⅲ) 128
General Study- Ⅲ (paper-Ⅳ) 103
General Study-Ⅳ (paper-Ⅴ) 103
Optional – Ⅰ (economy) (paper- Ⅵ) 170
optional – Ⅱ (economy) (paper- Ⅶ) 123
Written total 862
Personality test 168
Final Toal 1030

What was Ishita Rathi salary as an IAS officer?

Basi pay 67700
HRA 17248
DA 12509
TA 3800
DA on TA 712
Gross salary 102,681
NPS Detection 8921
Total deduction 8961
NET cross salary 93,720
GOVT contribution 12,089

Ishita Rathi current rank and posting

As of August 31, she commenced her training at LBSNA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy). Upon completion of her two-year IAS training, she will receive her rank and posting. Currently, she does not hold any rank or posting.