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IAS Shreyans Kumar UPSC Marksheet, Wife, Age, Bio In 2023

IAS Shreyans Kumar Achieves Remarkable UPSC Success: Unveiling his Marksheet, Wife, Age, and Inspiring Journey
Shreyans Kumar

Gain Valuable Insights from our Interview with Shreyans Kumar: Exploring His Academic Triumphs, UPSC Motivation, and Aspirant Recommendations. Discover the Path to Civil Service Excellence through Shreyans' Inspiring Journey and Expert Guidance!

Shreyans Kumat’s Wikipedia and Biography

Shreyans Kumat, hailing from the city of Ajmer in Rajasthan, is a management consultant. He received his education in Kishangarh, where he achieved an impressive score of 94.2% in his 10th-grade exam and 92.2% in his 12th-grade or higher secondary exam. He further pursued a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-B. Following his academic journey, Shreyans joined Ernst & Young, where he worked as a management consultant. While in his second year at the firm, he contemplated applying for the Civil Services. Additionally, he actively participated in various courses such as Good Governance Yatar and Vippasanna. His dedication and efforts paid off when he secured an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 4 in his first attempt at the Civil Services examination.

Shreyans Kumat childhood picture

While at IIT Bombay, Shreyans seized the chance to engage in mechanical engineering work. Subsequently, he successfully cleared the UPSC exam on his initial try. Prior to commencing his preparation, Shreyans ensured a comprehensive grasp of the syllabus and extensively studied prominent reference books. In fact, he chose to resign from his job in order to fully dedicate himself to UPSC preparation, as he found the competition somewhat daunting.

Father name- Arjun Kumait 

Mother name- Anjali Kumait 

Date of birth- 15/01/1994

Age- 28

rank- SDO (revenue)

Posting- Sounsar district, chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh 

IAS ID– 118M02

Date of joining- 01/09/2019

cast- General 

Height- 5.7 ft

Wife- Priyanka Yadav

otivation for the UPSC exam

Shreyans Kumat mark sheet

Shreyans Kumat, a motivated individual, possesses a strong drive for the UPSC exam. Originally from Kishangarh, Rajasthan, this young man pursued mechanical engineering and achieved an impressive 8.41c CGPA at IIT Bombay. Following his graduation, he secured a lucrative position in the private sector. During his travels, he had the opportunity to interact with government officials, igniting his interest in civil services. Additionally, his grandfather, a former IAS officer, had always encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Although not imposing, his grandfather's support served as a steady source of inspiration, motivating Shreyans to remain dedicated and persistent.

Upon enrolling in a coaching institute, Shreyans embarked on the task of compiling notes from online resources and NCERTs (National Council of Educational Research and Training textbooks). Additionally, he meticulously examined previous question papers and familiarized himself with the UPSC question pattern. By prioritizing the study of NCERTs and organizing his notes accordingly, he strategically enhanced his preparation. Engaging in group discussions and solving map-based questions further sharpened his ability to provide accurate answers. These methods allowed him to concentrate on the exam, optimize his efficiency, and enhance his focus.

Shreyans Kumat preparation for UPSC exam

With aspirations of becoming an IAS officer, Shreyans Kumat harbored multiple objectives. Besides obtaining a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Bombay, he aimed to be a part of the government. It was during his journeys that he encountered several government officials, which further solidified his decision to pursue civil services. Shreyans' grandfather, a former IAS officer, had consistently expressed his desire for his grandson to enter the civil service, although he never exerted pressure. Instead, he provided encouragement for Shreyans to strive towards that aspiration.

Shreyans Kumat allocation

Shreyans made the choice to enroll in a coaching institute, where he delved into the previous five years' worth of UPSC papers to gain a better understanding of the exam's structure. He also honed his skills by answering questions using UPSC's official answer keys. By practicing writing responses within the allotted exam timings, he was able to enhance both his efficiency and concentration. Following the completion of his coaching, Shreyans joined the Vajiram and Ravi Coaching Institute and successfully passed the UPSC exam on his initial try.

How did he prepare for Prelims?

Modern history - Shreyans utilized Bipin Chandra's NCERT book and Vajiram notes as his resources.

Art and culture - To delve into this subject, he followed an online process by visiting the website called GKToday. He relied on GKToday modules along with Class 11th NCERT and Vajiram notes.

Geography - Shreyans informed us that he studied Class 11th and 12th NCERT books and supplemented them with Vajiram notes. Additionally, he found valuable information on the Mrunal YouTube channel.

Economy - Once again, Shreyans turned to YouTube for information and watched the Mrunal YouTube channel. He also referred to Class 12th NCERT books and Vajiram notes.

Science and Technology - Shreyans kept himself updated on current affairs by reading the newspaper "The Hindu" and specifically paid attention to news related to science and technology.

Polity - For this subject, Shreyans studied Laxmikant's book and utilized Rabindra sir's notes from Vajiram. He revised these materials repeatedly.

Environment and Ecology - Shreyans relied on Shankar IAS book for foundational knowledge in this area. He also gathered information from websites such as UNDP and UNEP.

Current affairs - Like many other students, Shreyans used The Hindu newspaper as a source for current affairs. Additionally, he watched YouTube videos on the Only IAS channel to stay updated.

hand writing of Shreyans Kumat

How did he Prepare for Mains?

GS1 - Shreyans mentioned that since most of the topics in GS1 were covered in the prelims, he didn't stress too much about this paper. He took detailed notes on history and relied on basic NCERT books from Class 11th to 12th for society-related topics. Shreyans aimed to surpass the average quality of answers by incorporating current affairs and relevant facts into his writing. To enhance his answer writing skills, he practiced with a stopwatch, ensuring he addressed every question thoroughly.

GS2 - Shreyans utilized Lakshmi Kant notes and Vision IAS notes and modules for GS2. He emphasized the significance of current affairs for this paper, particularly in the context of international relations. He heavily relied on current affairs for international relations and often referred to the website for information on international relationships.

GS3 - Shreyans utilized basic study materials, including current affairs notes, for both economics and agriculture in GS3. For disaster management, he relied on information from reading The Hindu newspaper.

GS4 - Shreyans employed Vajirao notes and created his own notes on various topics for GS4. When crafting answers, he preferred using case studies to illustrate his points effectively.

His advice to aspirants

Shreyans advises aspiring candidates to maintain a positive mindset throughout the exam process. He recommends incorporating meditation into daily routines. Shreyans Kumat, a Chartered Accountant from Kishangarh in Rajasthan, has personally taken three CAT exams. He generously shares his experience with aspiring candidates and offers valuable tips on personal growth.

During his UPSC exam preparation, Shreyans focused on gathering a substantial number of fodder points. He thoroughly studied previous UPSC papers to familiarize himself with the exam and its structure. He also consulted UPSC answer keys for guidance on writing effective answers. To assess his efficiency and concentration, Shreyans regularly took practice tests during the actual examination. One of his key recommendations to aspiring candidates is to never underestimate the significance of practice.

Shreyans Kumat current Posting and rank 

shreyans kumat

His is currently posting at Madhya Pradesh (MP), district- chhindwara, sounsar, and his current rank was sub-division officer (SDO) in revenue service. 

Shreyans kumat salary & net worth 

Shreyans Kumat salary

His Basic pay was 56,100 rupes, DA- 34% so he gets 19,074 Rupes, HRA- (class X 27%) 15,147 Rupes, TA- 7,200, DA on TA- 2,448 Rupes, so all together he gets RS- 99,969 as his gross salary.

Shreyans kumat marriage & wife 

Shreyans kumat marriage & wife

He married Priyanka Yadav, his childhood classmate from Bihar, on January 1, 2022. Their marriage was not arranged but based on love. After his successful achievement of cracking the UPSC exam and becoming an IAS officer, they made the decision to tie the knot.