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Arbaz Patel Biography, Age, Hometworn In 2023


Arbaz Patel is a renowned social media celebrity. He previously was well-known on the TikTok platform. By 2023, Arbaz Patel will be 28 years of age, having been born on 12 May 1995 in his hometown of Mumbai, India. He is furthermore celebrated for his Instagram and YouTube presence, having achieved millions of followers on Instagram and laksh of subscribers on YouTube. Previously, he had amassed over 1 Million followers and 5 Million Likes on TikTok. After the ban of the platform in India, many TikTok stars shifted to Instagram and YouTube to keep their fans entertained.


Arbaz Patel is from Mumbai, India. He was born on May 12, 1995 in the same city. He was raised in Mumbai, and as of 2022, he is 28 years old. Coming from a distinguished background, he follows the Islamic faith and his parents are very encouraging of his career in the entertainment industry.

Arbaz Patel Age, Height, Weight

In the year 2023, Arbaz Patel will be 28 years old. His date of birth is May 12, 1995. Arbaz's height is 5 feet 6 inches and his weight is estimated to be 50 kilograms. He always works hard to keep his body in good shape and looks great.

Arbaz Patel Hometown

Mumbai, India

Arbaz Patel TikTok Fam Life

It is widely known that Arbaz Patel was incredibly popular on TikTok, having amassed 1 million followers and 5 million likes. Unfortunately, when the coronavirus pandemic started in China, TikTok was banned in India. This caused many prominent TikTok personalities to feel sorrowful that their hard-earned followers were lost. However, many of them shifted their accounts to Instagram and YouTube, with Arbaz Patel being one of them. His charismatic personality and distinct fashion sense enabled him to thrive on the new platform.

Arbaz Patel Modeling Career

Beginning his journey in 2018 at 23 years old, Arbaz Patel set out to pursue a career in the modeling industry. With the support of his parents, he began to post videos on TikTok, rapidly gaining a great number of likes and followers. People were enthralled by his videos, clothing style, and glowing smile, leading to a surge of support over the course of his four years in this field.



Some More Things of Arbaz Patel

Arbaz Patel is a renowned Social Media Influencer with a staggering  Millions of followers on Instagram and over lakhs of subscribers on YouTube. Born on the 12th of May 1995, he will be 28 in 2023 and from Mumbai, India. His family is comprised of four members, himself, his mother, father and brother, and they belong to a very well-off background. Having grown up in Mumbai, he enjoys an affluent lifestyle, courtesy of his affluent parents. His schooling was also in Mumbai and he drives a luxurious and expensive BMW car.