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Manoj Dey's Net Worth In 2023

Manoj Dey's Net Worth In 2023

Manoj Kumar Modak, more commonly known as Manoj Dey, was born in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India on July 12, 1997. He is quite secretive when it comes to his private life, and has never talked about his parents or family. He is Hindu and an Indian citizen, and his zodiac sign is Cancer. His educational background includes attending a local school in Dhanbad, followed by college and later obtaining an ITI degree.


Manoj Dey began his career when he was very young due to his family's financial difficulties. He opened his YouTube channel in 2016 and had been intrigued by technology since his teenage years. He has taken advantage of the internet and its capabilities, something many of us are not doing. His dedication and ambition have been rewarding for him.

Manoj Dey Net Worth:

Manoj Dey's current net worth is approximately one million dollars which is the same as eight crores in Indian rupees. He is a renowned Indian YouTuber, social media influencer, and vlogger and his content has been seen by many. The majority of his videos are focused on technology. His success has been inspiring to those just starting out in the YouTube world. In the past few years, his net worth has increased by 10%.

He makes money from more than just his YouTube channel and has an impressive 530k Instagram followers and 3 million YouTube subscribers, with 350 million video views. His net worth estimation is based solely on his YouTube earnings, however, he makes a healthy income from sponsorships, ads, collaborations, and promotions.