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Top 10 Whiskey Brands In India With Their Prices In INR

Know about top whiskey with price

Some families have a tradition of drinking whisky, while others do so for satisfaction and nostalgia. And among the many whiskey brands, a select few are the leading choices of serious whiskey enthusiasts. 

There are primarily two kinds of whiskey:

 Malt whiskey: Malted barley is used to make malt whiskey. The process of revolving barley into malt for distillation, brewing, and other uses is known as malting. This cereal grain has germinated, is soaked in water, and is eventually dried using hot air. Additionally, it's used to make malted milk, beer, etc.

 Grain whiskey: This whiskey made from grains. 

 Top 10 whiskey brand in India mentioned below

1. Dewar’s:


  • Known as the best scotch, Dewar's White Label Whiskey is smooth and buzzy, priced about Rs 3000.
  • Dewar's, a blended and single malt Scotch whiskey owned by Bacardi, is an example of this superb flavor. Further, it is among the top brands of scotch whisky.
  • Dewars 12-Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky (750ml) - Rs 3,029


2.Jameson: Blended Whiskey brand


  • India has seen a sudden rise in the popularity of Jameson scotch whisky in recent years.
  • Furthermore, Irish whiskey, famed for its velvety flavor, is a component of this whiskey. This whiskey has been triple-distilled, giving it a subtle floral and peppery scent.
  • It is a whiskey lover's dream because of its sweet, nutty, and peppery aroma! It is among the top brands of premium scotch whisky in India.
Jameson Irish Whiskey Caskmates Price (750 ml) Rs. 4,450


3.Ballentine: Whiskey brands


  • Around less than Rs 3000, it is the best whisky in India.
  • They carefully chosen more than 40 distinct malts and grains from around the world to create this special blend. 
  • The best and most expensive aromas in this 12-year-old Ballentine are the vanilla and honey undertones.
Ballantine’s 17-Year-Old Whisky 750 ml Rs 7,590


4.Black Dog Whiskey:

 Black dog

  • The well-known whiskey brand Black Dog has won seven awards for outstanding quality across the globe.
  • One of the best and newest whiskey brands available in India is Black Dog Centenary, which has quickly become popular among whiskey enthusiasts.
  • Taste-wise, this daru brand is full-bodied, a masterful combination of malt and grain that has been matured for eight years in Scotland's whisky-producing regions.


5.Johnnie Walker’s Red Label Whiskey

 Red label

  • The well-known whiskey in India, Johnnie Walker's Red Label, is sold in more than a billion bottles annually.
  • Even now, many still choose Johnnie Walker's Red Label, which was initially released in 1909.
  • It is created by blending up to thirty-five distinct whiskies from various Scottish distilleries, which makes it an excellent mixer for other cocktails. Whiskey's flavors include cedar, butterscotch, and rum spice. It is the greatest as a result.
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky Price 750 ML Rs. 14,400


6.Monkey Shoulder Whiskey
  •  The comprehensive collection of the best whiskey brands available in India can be purchased for less than Rs 3000 at Monkey Shoulder.
  • Three of Speyside's most prestigious distilleries provide single malts for this blended malt whisky. The inspiration for this whiskey's name came from the process of distilling malt whisky.

 Monkey Shoulder Whisky Price 700 ML Rs. 3,900


7.Black & White Whiskey: 
  • Black and White is an award-winning London-style blended scotch whiskey that ranks seventh in the world, in addition to its calming flavor and reasonably priced scotch price in India.
  •  It is among India's best scotches. Grain whiskey and a selection of some of Scotland's best whiskies combine to create this Black & White Scotch liquor blend.
  • Because of its price, this whisky will never make your pocket lighter. It is therefore regarded as the greatest scotch brand.


8.Grant’s Family Reserve
  • On a steamy summer night, it's the ideal whiskey for your weekend plans with friends and close ones. 
  • Its calm, sweet flavor goes well with spicy meals. It can also be merged with juice or soft drinks. Thus, it is included in India's top ten scotches. 


  • One of the most popular whisky brands in India and the world, Teacher's Highland Cream is a huge favorite among Indians.
  • Teacher's Highland Cream received a score of 90 points from Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible.
  • It's the best whisky in Bangalore and a nice drink.
  • It has a flavor similar to a sweet toffee, with little hints of malt and fruitiness, all works together magical. 
  • Teachers make a great on-the-go drink that gives whiskey a shot boost, and you can also gift someone. 
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky Price 750 ml Rs 20,250


10.Blenders Pride
  •  In 1995, Blenders Pride was introduced as a whisky brand in India.
  • It is among the finest and most expensive drinks.
  • In addition, the name of this whiskey refers to how it is produced. It is made by mixing Scotch malt that is imported with an Indian grain spirit.
  • All of the major liquor stores sells this brand of scotch whisky, India.