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6 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Hampi


Hampi believes in spiritual and healthy lives. For this reason, there are authentic pure veg restaurants in Hampi. Read more to know about the 6 best veg restaurants in Hampi.

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India has a big section of the vegetarian population. For this reason, there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants in India. Historically, Hampi has been a healthy living and spiritual center. For this reason, all restaurants and food joints in Hampi are vegetarian. It is not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol in Hampi. Well, we have brought a list of the 6 best restaurants in Hampi that are a must-try the next time you visit that place:-

  • 1985- 1985 is a trendy restaurant in Hampi. Its food and cooking style has undergone several changes in the past few years. Despite that, it won't disappoint. You can sit on the lounge or floor as per your comfort. You will soon meet Raja who has managed an Ayurvedic massage center close to 1985. A good meal to try in 1985 is a classic Aloo Paneer Masala. The dish is prepared with the flavors of dry spices like Cinnamon, Ginger, cardamon, cloves, and black pepper. It's tasty, aromatic, and delightful.

  • Moonlight- Moonlight is a concise multi-cuisine restaurant in Hampi. It is found near the end of the Janata plot. It's not fancy but its simplicity wins the heart. A couple runs the restaurant with love and care in making the food. They are very good at ensuring customer satisfaction. You will get English, French and Indian breakfasts. It's open throughout the day, so you can try lunch or dinner at the place. Moonlight has a variety of dishes on the menu. The honey-lemon-ginger is a must-try in Moonlight.

  • Chill out in Bamboo restaurant- Just like the name, it is the best place to relax. You can have tasty food besides a cool riverside view. You will see the locals collecting coconuts and grazing the animals on their green fields. It is the most pleasant atmosphere while having food. The special thali from Chill Out in Bamboo restaurant is very delicious and delightful. It is full of abundant flavors from sweet to tangy and spicy. There are small portions of various delicacies that take you across the natural beauty of Hampi.

  • Funkey Monkey- Funkey Monkey is the best option to have a fulfilling dinner. The rooftop setting with a comfortable ambiance steals the heart. Take your corner at the cushioned floor seating, lean back, and relax. The goods are affordable but special drinks are a bit pricey. The authentic south Indian food is a treat in Funkey Monkey. You can also find some western delights of pizza and pasta.

  • Ravi's Rose- Ravi's Rose is a rooftop restaurant that seems like a separate calm corner on the busy planet. The relaxing music satisfies your soul while the food gets ready. To avoid confusion over the meal, you can go for the Indian thali. Just like the tagline that takes you across a travel ride through one Mexican, western and Israeli meal.

  • Suresh restaurant- Suresh Restaurant is a simple and quality restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere. You can enjoy tasty and authentic food with your family on the holiday. It serves Indian as well as western and Italian meals. It is a decent restaurant for some quality time.

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Are you looking for some space to live in Hampi?

We have a list worth your consideration to stay in Hampi.

  • Rasta Homestay- Rasta Homestay is a budget-friendly option to stay in while visiting Rasta Homestay. It is a cheerful and vibrant place with an outdoor terrace for relaxation. The hotel is built near the green countryside near the historic Hampi. It provides free Wi-fi and numerous breakfast options.

  • Rocky Guesthouse- Rocky Guesthouse is located in the center of the historic city of Hampi close to Virupaksha temple. Beds are paired with a Mosquito Net and private bathrooms with free wi-fi. There is a 24-hour help desk for customer convenience, rooftop restaurants, and options to rent bicycles for visiting nearby places.

  • Lotus Riya- Lotus Riya is located a few miles ahead of the busy Hampi city center. It is a classical and elegant hotel, just a tuk-tuk ride away from the city center.

  • Evolve Back Hampi- Evolve back Hampi is a luxury hotel in a historical city. There are lavish rooms, classy interiors, and regal archways. The hotel has a spa, hot tub, outdoor pool, and soothing terrace area to relax. There is a restaurant for having delicious food.

How to travel to the beautiful place of Hampi?

  • Take a flight to Hubli, Bangalore, or goa.

  • Take an overnight train for traveling to Hospet.

  • Hospet is the nearest railway station to Hampi. You can take a bus to the historic city of Hampi.

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