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Best Mumbai travel tips by Mumbai travel bloggers

The busy urban cost of the metropolitan hub of Mumbai deserves your time. Read more to know about the Travel essentials, travel tips, and to-do list for a perfect Mumbai trip. 


The vibe of Mumbai-

Mumbai has been full of fun when it comes to travel. There are some British remnants with red double Decker's buses giving a unique gift that is unmatchable from the rest of the country. It is one of the most crowded cities of India which can be chaotic, crazy, and a bit expensive. But, that does not mean that it is not meant for middle-class people to visit the country. There are lots of street food corners with some amazing street shopping points. 


Some important points to keep in mind before visiting the city:-

  1. The name of the city was changed to Mumbai from Bombay in 1995 but you will hear the people addressing the city with both the names. Many residents of the city are deeply attached to the name Bombay.

  2. Mumbai has a lot of crowded places and ample tourist destinations. So, it is difficult to visit all of them in a single trip. 

  3. Mumbai can be a little expensive in comparison to other Indian cities.

  4. For a good travel experience, try to visit the city at the end of the monsoon at the Ganesh Utsav festival.

  5. Mumbai has a mix of people belonging to various cultures.

Clothes to wear in the city:- 

There are no strict dressing codes to wear in Mumbai. There is a mix of people living in the city so you can dress flexibly. But, the city is crowded so try to wear convenient clothes. 


Travel essentials to carry for a Mumbai Trip:- 

Carry a water bottle, travel adapters, sling purse, and power bank in the city. 


Have responsible travel in the city:- Mumbai is a big city and people from different economic and cultural backgrounds live in the city. There are extremely rich to very poor people living in the city. Mumbai houses Dharavi- the largest slum in Asia. If you consider choosing it for a solo trip then you will find that half of the slum is an industrial area shown in those tours. So, choose your travel company wisely and don't try to travel alone in the big area.


Some best kinds of tours of Mumbai- 

If you don't have too much time to explore then we suggest you have day tours of Mumbai like:-

  • Early morning tour- An underrated aspect of touring the city of Mumbai is going for an early morning tour. You will get a calm view of the city before it turns chaotic. There are newspaper sellers, school-going children, flower and vegetable markets, etc.

  • Elephanta tour- Have a tour of the UNESCO recognized Elephanta caves with a local guide and ferry rides. 

  • Bollywood tour- Mumbai is another name for glitz and glamour that houses the popular Bollywood industry. So, get on to Bollywood to visit rich film sets with prominent actors.

  • Public Transportation sightseeing- If you want to get a real experience of Mumbai then travel in the crowded Mumbai locals. They give a glimpse into the unique lifestyle of the city whether it's Haji Ali Dargah or Dadar's famous local markets. 


Various areas to visit in Mumbai:-

Mumbai is a big city to travel but most people prefer to visit the big and busy market of the glamorous South Bombay. If you don't have any other plans then it is better to choose a stay near the airport in Andheri. You will notice that you shall try to visit the western and southern suburbs of the city more. 


A good stay in Mumbai:-

When it comes to staying in Mumbai, we have listed some hotels near the western suburbs of Bandra that will ensure your good trip. Some of them are:-

  • The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

  • Abode Bombay

  • Residency Hotel Fort

  • Intercontinental Marine Drive 

  • Ferreira House

  • Taj land ends

  • Sofitel BKC

  • Marriott Juhu Beach


Some comfortable and simple hostel accommodations to stay in Bandra are:-

  • Cohostel

  • Horn ok Please Hostel


To do things in Mumbai:-

When it comes to traveling in Mumbai there are a lot of places to visit and enjoy in the city. It is better to go for a private tour to visit maximum places in the shortest time. The city is big plus the traffic can make you spend a lot of time and it's a good idea to walk over short distances. 


To visit places in South Mumbai:

  • Haji Ali Dargah- This amazing mosque is located on an island off the worli coast. The mosque is also the tomb of Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. He was a respected Saint and a rich merchant from the country of Uzbekistan.  Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari gave up all his belongings before going on to travel the world. However, at many times you can see that the Dargah is under repair over the battering from the ocean.  

  • The 'Queen's Necklace'- You might have not heard about it much but this name is given to the place after the streetlights mimic to be a string of pearls. Along with that, Marine Drive is another place that is a good point for couples to stroll along the blue oceans of the city. It has a backdrop of big structures and buildings that makes a perfect urban setting. The Chowpatty beach is also a great place to hang out with friends and have popular Mumbai street food at night. 

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus- This is also known as CSMT. This iconic terminus was earlier known as the Victoria Terminus or VT. The station building is a beautiful architectural highlight of the city.  It has intricately designed ceiling walls with an old vibe booking hall. 

  • Art district in Fort- Art district is situated between the Colaba and CSMT station. It houses the national gallery of modern art, Jehangir Art gallery, and Institute of modern Indian arts. There are breathtaking exhibitions with a good art scene. There is also the Horniman Circle and Asiatic society. 

  • Nariman Point- The place is next to the Cuffe parade at the southern end of  Marine Drive. There is a national center for performing arts with a Piramal Art gallery that houses modern arts.

  • Colaba Causeway- It is a big market with a variety of staff selling at stalls. It is ideal for walkthrough shopping. 

  • Dr. Bhai Daji Lad (earlier known as Victoria and Albert) Museum- This museum is surrounded by lush tropical gardens. This museum was built in 1872 and now makes an intricate architectural piece. You will find unique collections of manuscripts, artifacts, and costumes. These objects have been restored by the Indian National trust for art and cultural heritage. 

  • Taj Mahal Hotel- If you don't choose to stay at this place then you can have a stroll in the lobby of this hotel with an evening tea. You can have good tea and drink at its restaurant. It is a little expensive. But, it's all worth the experience. 

  • Gateway of India- This is the most prominent and well-known place for good photography in the city. This place was built in 1924 under the British Raj. This point was made to welcome dignitaries from Britain and the British troops left India from here after we gained Independence.  It is the same place from where you can get ferries to travel at Elephanta Island. 

  • Colaba walking tour- This is the best place to have for a perfect South Mumbai walk. 


To visit places in Dadar- 


Dadar is a place in South Mumbai that forms the link between South Mumbai and the Rest of the city. It is the main train junction for the local trains and close to Dharavi, one of the largest slums in the country.

  • Dharavi- Dharavi is one of the biggest slums in the area and it's a good place for a slum tour. But, we don't suggest you visit the place without a proper guide or tour company. 

  • Shri Siddhivinayak Temple- This grand and holy temple near Dadar is dedicated to Hindu Lord Ganesha.  Lord Ganesha represents prosperity,  health, and knowledge that is admired by countless Mumbaikars. Many big Bollywood stars visit the temple to pay their respects to God. This temple is amongst one of the richest temples in the country.  

  • Dadar Flower Market- Also known as Phul gally,  this is a popular flower market in the city. You will find a variety of local and exotic flowers here and this is the best flower market in the city. You can buy fresh flowers earlier in the morning for the day.


To visit places in Bandra and western suburbs- 

  • Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount- You might also know this place just the name of Mount Mary church. This is situated on the hill from Bandstand in the bandra area. Every September, a 'Bandra Fair' is organized to attract people globally.  

  • Bandra Fort and Bandra Bandstand- This well-known sunset spot in the city. The Bandra Fort is also known as 'Castello de Aguada'. It was made by the Portuguese in 1640. 


Other places-

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park- The National Park is an 87 sq km National Park. It is located in the center of suburban sprawl. This national park houses leopards, birdlife, monkeys, spotted deer, and Kanheri Caves. 


The best dishes to eat at the best places in Mumbai- 


The cheap and unique street food in Mumbai is delicious and flavorful. Mumbai has one of the well-known street food cuisines so don't miss them like:-

  • Bombay Sandwich- These classic veggie grilled sandwiches are the ideal evening snack in the city. The best ones are available outside Dr. Bhau Daji Lad's museum. It is served with spiced chutney at Rs. 20.

  • Pav Bhaji- The staple street food dish of Mumbai is the spicy and buttery pav bhaji. It is served with a hot buttery pav, raw onion with some spiced garlic chutney.

  • Vada Pav- The city's local version of a veggie burger is the spicy fried and pocket-friendly vada pav. It is a spicy potato pattie that is deep-fried and served with a pav. It is paired with salty fried green chilis and tamarind or coriander chutney. It is available at a price of Rs.15-20.


Must- visit places to have tasty food in Mumbai- 

  • Delhi Darbar in Colaba- This place is the go-to place for non-veg food like Butter Chicken and Chicken Biryani. 

  • Brittania and co Parsi Cafe in the fort- This is one of the best Parsi cafes in the city.

  • Gaylord at Churchgate- It serves tasty Bakery and European-style pan-Indian cuisine.

  • Aaram Vada Pav at CSMT station- The best place to eat Vada Pav.

  • Cannon Vada pav at CSMT station- The best place to have vada pav.

  • Gajalee at Dadar- This seafood restaurant is an awarded place for the exotic seafood along the coast.

  • Jay Shri Krishna Dairy Farm LASSI at Dadar west- This small point is the best place to have soothing lassi in Mumbai.

  • Candies at Bandra- Candies is a Portuguese-style villa kind of restaurant.

  • Goa Portuguesa at Bandra- It is the best place to have goan style fish curries. 


Traveling across the Mumbai City- 


The best and fastest way to travel across Mumbai city is local trains. But, it is important to have the courage to travel in this mode- 

  • Local trains- The quickest way to travel across the city is a local train that takes you from one corner of the city to another. But, we don't recommend you to travel during the prime hours like in the morning or evening. Don't sit on the top of the train or hang around it which can be dangerous.  Some tips for easy travel in local trains are:-

    • If you are a female then travel on the female carriage for a more comfortable trip.

    • Avoid travel during prime hours.

    • Although it is expensive,  you can try to travel in the first class.

    • Don't get in or move out from the train while it's moving. 

    • Don't hang out.

  • 3 wheeler- Three wheeler auto is also a good way to travel across the city. But they don't go for a very long distance. It is difficult to get an auto in the southern suburbs of the city.

  • Mumbai taxi, Uber, or ola- For more long-distance and comfortable travel you can choose the Mumbai taxi. Another option is to take up a Uber cab or ola.

  • Buses- Mumbai has a good connection of local buses from overcrowded travel. But, don't use it when they are overcrowded. 


FAQs for a Mumbai travel- 


What is the best time to visit the Metro city of Mumbai?

The best time to visit Mumbai is September or between October or March. There is pleasant weather at this time. Otherwise,  you might come across summer heat or extreme monsoons.  


Is Mumbai a safe place to visit? 

Generally, Mumbai is a safe city to visit. But, it can be overcrowded and over expensive at some point.


What are the best places to visit in Mumbai? 

The best places to visit in Mumbai are Elephanta caves, Marine Drive, Shri Siddhivinayak Temple, Chowpatty beach, and Gateway of India. 


How many days should you consider for a Mumbai visit? 

A trip for 2-4 days in Mumbai is sufficient to visit the majority of the tourist places in the city.


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